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The fuck is Lain about

| Finally watched the fucking anime. Quirky edgy girl discovers internet the fuck is so deep bout it

| it's about going outside and touching grass. or some shit like that. i only watched cause the art were cool.

and don't let annoying fans (aka all lain fans) ruin it for you.

| >>971465 and you don't seem to understand

| Present Time

| It's gay before gay was cool and was formative for many gays, it's also old and gay which means it's popular with non gays because they can pretend it's not gay.

| >>971474 most sain gay person ( admitted into a psych ward)

Play the ps1 game is much better at telling the story than the anime imo, it's about mental illness and cults so I guess the gay posy was right. Ah ha gottem; ggs shake my hand

| >>436e7d at least I have facts and gay on my side. The prime gay kirin is enough evidence.

Also I need to watch that PS1 playthrough again, I just remember lain commiting Sudoku and it being the first sad anime gurl thing,
as felt through late twenties Japanese dood who was a bit racist and felt alienated.


| >>971537 bro no one cares be gay go off. ur cringe but free

| >>436e7d boring and not gay

| it's about how the internet ruins your brain in ways that early 00's audiences couldn't fathom and paranoia, conspiracist thought and cult like behaviour spreads like wildfire through new forms of communication and often targets vulnerable people like the mentally ill. that's the anime tho, don't ask me about the game.

| >>971718 game is pretty much the same but did it in a better way imo. Lain had a therapist who also gets effected in the story. I forget the website url but there's a working version of it on there.

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This thread is permanently archived