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Is Danger/u/ Into Idols?

| Not quite anime or manga, but definitely culturally adjacent. Is anyone here interested in idols, idol groups, or idol culture? How about idol anime? If you are into any of the above, share some details!

| Idols are dangerous, not danger/u/s
except Kira* Miki

| I enjoy Macross, so you could say I'm into idols "ironically". That's kind of it, though.

| I'm a big fan if Arisa Komiya! We share a love of tokusatsu and I really fell for her in the Love Live Trio da yo segments!

| my friends and I like to dance around a statue at midnight while chanting and waving fire

| Never get into idols, feels like watching actors who are paid to act 24/7 for however long her sanity can hold.

I think it's boring to watch people who are perfect/almost perfect and afraid to speak up with her hot takes or even honest opinion because one small miss-speak will get her lynched.

| look up the Chinese and Indonesian Idol/Influcencer 'factories'.
they are depressing and heartbreaking.

| >>970807 oh yeah, idol culture totally has a lot of messed up stuff going on. Even in JP, idol culture is not healthy. But I enjoy some idols. /shrugs

| I cried like a bitch when popular idol Oshi No Ko died of covid

| I dunno seems cringe, but most people I've met that are fans are cool

| Hololive vtubers count as idols, right?

| >>971123 Yagoo seems to think so

| >>c7b36e
Only some of them


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This thread is permanently archived