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overrated anime of the century





| Possibly demon slayer or Jojo

| Tokyo ghoul

| Cyberpunk 2077

| >>957266 meme asides, jojo is pretty good. But meme in, it's pretty fun.

| >>957331
terrible fanvase, though

| Koe no katachi - it wasn't bad but Clannad or Orange i enjoyed more. I just couldn't identify with characters.

| Go-Tōbun no Hanayome, one piece, oshi no ko

| Goblin Slayer. All the edginess of Berserk with none of the depth.

| >>957352 regardless tastes, it's well made. Disabilty is definitely not a theme fir everybody, and the main protagonist had a poor kind of attention as kid. If you had a hard time from the ealier side if the story, it may help you know that the fundamental of the guy got cut out quite a lot from the orginal story.

| The whole of fate series

| >>957246 I don't think SAO is actually overrated just overly successful. I only ever here 2 things about it, how much it sucks and how much money it has made.

My money is on JoJo. People talk about it being a masterpiece when, imho, its just dumb fun that had incredible meme potential and therefore reach.

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This thread is permanently archived