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Tengoku Daimakyou

| Episode 8(eight) made me tear up, that ending was unexpected. I knew they were going to die but I only connected who those two were.

And maru realizing that he's been killing "humans" all along really puts a perspective on what they been doing all this time.

| I really didn't expect such an emotional punch. The "that hurts, you idiot!" line was surprisingly touching. Excellent mouth rinse after the unhinged mess that was Ep 6.

| This may be my favorite episode and I'm really glad they decided to show more emotion on Dr. Usamis face unlike how they did it in the manga.

Maru realizing the truth about the mutant origin came as a suprise tbh. They still don't know anything in the manga and there's like 6 more volumes after this episodes story arch.

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How are your impressions of the anime compared to the manga? We still have four episodes to go, but I haven't read the manga, so I figured I'd ask.

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There anime and manga are almost identical and Maru's and Kiruko's story arch is pretty much a scene by scene remake, which is cool imo.

There's some scenes with the kids/bunker that got cut or shortened, and some of the twists are a bit less subtle in the manga. Nothing major has been changed or removed even though I expected them to tone it down a bit for TV, but the afromentioned Ep 6 proved that wrong.

| Gah! I meant to say that some of the twists are less sutble in the ANIME. Not the other way around, my bad.

There's some stuff that you can do with an anime that you can't do with a manga too, like there's a subtle sound of a bullet being fired out of a gun during a certain scene, which carries heavy implications that went over my head the first time I read the manga.

| Re-reading Tengoku Daimakyou is such treat. Whenever you figure out a twist or a secret you'll look at the story and characters in a new light and I think the author deliberately wrote this manga to be entertaining for re-reads.

I'm obviously a bit biased but I love this manga & anime, partly because I believe Tengoku Daimakyou's setting and side-story is heavily inspired by — to the point of almost being a carbon-copy — a series of Swedish TTRPGs. No joke.

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This all sounds very cool, thank you! I might read the manga later if I feel like it.
What TTRPG is that, by the way? Can't just not mention that, y'know.

| It's Mutant Undergångens Arvtagare and Mutant: Year Zero. Undergångens Arvtagare got this huge campaign spanning 3 books and 9 adventures and the last one explains why the world looks the way it does. Mutant: Year Zero is a prequel of sorts and the introductionary adventure and random encounters are almost identical to Tengoku Daimakyou. I can't talk about it too much because I'll spoil everything.

| Thanks! I'll check them out.

| oh, well, thanks for sharing that

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