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I watched "Onimai"

| I thought it was fun. Not an amazing series but for its short 12 episode runtime it was a cute novelty. If I have any complaints I felt later on the plot point of the MC being transformed wasn't as important. Mahiro would act awkwardly or keep to herself but a lot of conflict could easily be done with any regular girl. Also near the tail end I got tired of Mahiro screaming so much. I get it, girl's a nervous wreck. but she does it all the time and I wish they reeled it in.

| Overall it was a flawed show but I can't say I disliked it. It's just a harmless slice of life. I just wish they did more with the pre,ise of a man suddenly finding himself in a girl's body and having to act undercover. At least the OP bangs. 7/10 anime

| I really liked it. I may have been inspired to crossdress after watching onimai...

| >>957044 Honestly g/u/rl same. Though I want to get in shape first. :)

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This thread is permanently archived