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Denou coil

| /u/ ate my heartfelt response to watching it so tldr.

Reminded me why I liked anime.

Kids show premise that is made for adults but not in a too edgy for thee type of way. I bounced off of it as a kid because it was too dry.

Made me pick up an old project and was an enriching experience.

| what is it about?

| I watched it ages ago but don't really remember it. Glad you got something out of it though, maybe I should give it another chance too.

| >>d83985 think digimon but it's silent hill and about kids being forced to grow up to soon

| But it's perfectly serviceable as a kids show that has the directing and scenario choices of a film.

Like it feels old not because it's old but because it's version of what is considered a good show is outdated.

Not in terms of quality but in terms of what they valued in terms of direction.

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This thread is permanently archived