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Texhnolyze Yoshi?

| Is Yoshi in Texhnolyze an accelerationist or just anti-anti-natalist or like both?
and... does it make sense to put labels of ideologies on fictional characters purely based on the fact they were created by a real person even thought their world differs from us on fundamental levels?
waddaya think?

| As far as putting labels on fictional characters, it does make sense. They have a personality, even if it was entirely fabricated. And they were constructed to fit a role within their story/universe. And even with our world differs fundamentaly there will still be some ways they relate and some information we can extract from said other world.

| Accelerationist definately fits, but I saw him as more of anti-complacancy and something akin to anarchist. One of his main goals was to show the people of Lux (and the surface) that they had power within them. He also stated that true freedom was arduous and couldn't rely on anything else. I think he was trying to show that Lux could use their power to become free. But, it would be difficult and require the breakdown of their world as they knew it

| Note: it has been a while since I've watched the show.

| >>955754 Oh cheers! "anti-complacancy" is a good label for that.

| Am i the only one who thought it was just edgy and trite.

| Out of the three of us that watched it, yes

| yep, didn't see it

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This thread is permanently archived