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Was haruhi good?

| Would it have stood a chance if it aired now?

| as much as bocchi now compared to k-on then

| it was pivotal to its time, although the endless 8 would be theorycrafted and roasted to oblivion and back today

| >>954739 Kyon-kun, denwa~

| You had to be there. It changed my life.

| tfw when I will never live the suzumiya mania in Japan at that time...

| I can probably still do the dance...

| >>954739
really curious how exactly it was such a hit. you all are implying it's only 'at the time' though what gives

| it was the best of animes, it was the worst of animes. it awoke my primal desire to tug men around by their ties. the character songs bring me back to my youth every time. 5/5 would have this experience as part of my life again.

| yes, its amazing. also love the k-on -> bocci comparison above, yes yes.

| don't forget the movie, it's a masterpiece, better than the 2 seaons

| >>954871
It came out at possibly the best time. Online streaming was starting up, and the Hare Hare Yukai dance from the ED became incredibly popular to imitate on the internet. Plus the anime had some surprisingly good visuals for the time, and some unique elements like the non-linear episode order.

That said, a bunch of factors, like the second season being delayed, killed its momentum. Not to mention nowadays other anime have done certain aspects of the show better.

| >>954871 how young...
>>954962 how wrong, all of it

| Haruhi was never good

| >>954973
Well then correct me on what was wrong with my post, and why Haruhi was a hit then

| there's too much anime of too high quality being aired for a show like Haruhi to make as big of a splash now as it did then.

| >>954973
I'm not *that* young, I was simply just a normie.

So I guess nostalgia played a big part with it.

| >>955000 checked!
I don't really get which quality thing you mean... so tell me if I'm lost.
overall, there is not much better quality than back then. things like that it's not rare to encounter some old animations with much more effort used than the bunches that are currently airing.
i think the way people look at anime as a media is just always changing.
>>955030 it's fine being normie, but
eh? which nostalgia? Am I getting it wrong? You've watched haruhi?

| >>955047
kyoani at that time, started to have an interesting take on animation, don't show or tell, show the character personalities with their movements, the animation. K-on is considered a masterpiece in Japan because of this, the intro tells a lot just with yui's room, her pictures, and how she wakes up and goes to school.
Liz and the blue bird is the perfect example.

| also modern anime have better animation, but it's meaningless

| >>955047
I've watched haruhi, not when it was airing though, i binged it. I'm wondering what it did right for it to become such a success

This! This is exactly why I'm not so big with anime. There's a blank canvas for the background and they choose to use some plain art just to set a location. Anime being just a bunch of drawings but they choose boring "camerawork." It's too spoonfeedy for me

| >>955065 I'm not sure of understanding it. I think trying to make the characters as much expressive within their personality frames with every action they take was already a given before.
I think that k-on was great because the way its animated keeps a decent enjoyment for the eyes with a great way to maintain the cutiness and much easier to animate the character to do more actions than its times standards .-.

| >>955077 did you find it just very plain boring?
I think you need to be a little vulnerable and isolated to understand animes.

| >>955111 watch liz and the blue and you'll understand what I mean.

Haruhi will always be so special, embodiment of 2006, the beginning of LN adaption (with liberty), the definement of anime with a focus on highschool daily life and yet being incredible (even thou there's supernatural things, kyon gets used to it as if normal daily life). It came after ten years of evangelion legacy where anime tried to be psychological, to be the darkest and edgier possible.

| it's not for everybody, it tried everything at the time to not be popular with a first shitty episode on purpose, episode not in chronological order, and 8 episodes being around the same things repeating, but slightly different with unique good animation.

But I'm sure everyone will consider the movie to be a masterpiece.

| >>955113
Haruhi? I liked it a lot when normally, I *won't*. I get bored with most anime SoL or not for some reason. The movie is great too. Maybe I liked the supernatural undertones.

What did you mean by vulnerable and isolated

| >>955113 >you need to be an isolated nerd to UNDERSTAND anime
ok hideaki

| >>2ebfdc so asserting, yet you feel numb. can't you just bring a single point to a clear conclusion? you don't have to try to tryhard on this, you're all over the place.
>>955159 you need ti explain that "for some reason" then. you're like eating some food but you decide to eat it with your eyes closed. that's not correct to yourself

| I started watching currenly airing anime on 2017, gave up on it in on 2019. Out of 30+ airing show per season, only 1~2 (sometimes none) are worth watching.

Doesn't help that a lot of them start promising and then nosedived mid season, giving false hope for 3 weeks or so. It's baffling how peple's standard just go down and accept whatever new as good. I still remember how a subpar show like Erased is prised and hailed as anime of the year.

| I guess design wise, new anime looks pretier, but animation wise, lots of corners are cut.

So yeah, whoever say "there's too much anime of too high quality being aired now", I'd like what you are having.

| >>955254
I just wanted to point out how much haruhi is unique and had an impact.

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