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SAD manga recs

| just pure fucking sadness

| oyasumi punpun

| Girls' Last Tour

| one piece (it is not real)

| Boys Abyss

| Uh... Berserk?

| Non non biyori

| >>944371
this. read it

| also wtf are these captchas, took me like 5 tries to post this

| >>945073
idiot trash dirks

| I once found some sort of Evangelion short comic spinoff, one chapter was always just a few panels where something intensely depressing happened like a loli getting thrown away by the scientist who was experimenting on her who she called daddy but he didn't give a single fuck about her and put her in the trash disposal where she was sitting waiting for daddy, can't find it at all now and it might have been what initially started my depression, gr8 pick tho right?

| Dunno if it really was evangelion maybe i thought of ELVEN LIED. Idk

| Utsuge is the genre I believe, made in the abyss honestly. It's kinda gratuitous how it wants to traumatize their characters.

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This thread is permanently archived