Chainsaw Man is the GOAT

| Imagine making a manga for the shonen jump, aka the manga weekly made for teenagers virgin who have delusions relating to relationships and sex, and making the main character of your manga a teenager virgin who has delusions relating to relationships and sex.

Imagine making those delusions and how absurd they are one of the main themes and way the mc suffers, imagine making him face abuse and grooming, when these are mostly used as jokes in the shonen industry.

| Imagine drawing and writing strong women (some gay), who aren't just big titted hourglass shape support and sexy tool.
Imagine killing half your cast, and having to change the genre of your story in the new arc just because you want it.

| And FINALLY, imagine having one of the most ambitious animes for a shonen jump manga adaptation, when you have transgressed so many codes of the weekly and the shonen genre in general.

Chainsaw Man is a fucking cryptid.

| And yet if you are a dumb teenager you can still enjoy it by just identifying with chainsaw. Erybody wins, truly the fight club of our time.

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yeah, dumb teens or else will just want to fuck majima mindlessly

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