I fucking hate darling of the franxx

| Or whatever it's crappy name it, It was absolute dogshit and idk understand any of the hype it received from high school boys and 30 year old virgins


| Same goes for No Game No Life and Re:Zero, yall feeding on mid

| i trapped many high school boys in my House of Mirrors, detective ! :0)

| also fairy tails suck :0)

| darling had potential, but wasted more than half the show on relationship drama and trying to be the new Evangelion. shame, it had some interesting ideas it barely showed us.

| I think franxx is trash, but it's always interesting to see what would born from A1 AND Trigger doing work together. You can clearly see the main guy is drawn by A1 with their kirito looking design. And the mecha doggy mounting style came from trigger.

At the very least there's Female NTR/cuckubg, which is pretty rare in a non comedy anime.

| I'm still mad about the mad science guy who's doing mad science because ATHEISM XDDDDD. That was so fucking stupid.

| >aliens teach robo-atheism to harvest earth's resources and fight hyper-emotional dinosaur people, and now she's a teenage netorare

| i love how in darling in the franxx the only reasonable character, ichigo, is treated like shit by the other stupid ones, literally all the series is ichigo trying to make sense and everyone just doin their shit until everyone dies

| Don't care doujin good never watch anime

| This thread is like a time-machine back to the 2018

| >>928889 I'm this gurl. Dropping by again because I forgot to post that I love how the To love ru artist is there to design stuff other than to love ru. I really like his design, it's just a shame that all he does is just to love ru

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