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Witch of Mercury

| thoughts on the new Gundam?

| It's my first Gundam, and it's been an okay introduction to the series so far. I find it fairly easy to like, but hard to love. Like there's a lot of fun stuff in it, but everytime I start to really enjoy any of it, they pull some weird shit and I go back to square one with it.

Also I kinda think I'm gonna be turned off by it whenever the famously tragic side of Gundam starts. I'm much more of a chill slice of life fan, so I'd prefer it continued the fun romance hijinks forever.

| It's good/okay and refreshing so far... but I don't know where this is going.

>>928753 same honestly but I like both gundams and moe sol.
I'm the kind of guy that loved zz gundam with all the 80's waifus, cute little sisters and romance.

| i love lesbian anime girls

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This thread is permanently archived