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| How to make good, top grossing anime illustrations usually in the industry

| >>e21bdc first start with realism, that’s what I hear the professionals in the field start with before transitioning to a more anime like style in order to get in touch with the basics

| >>928227 hmm ofc. Though mangaka all look like they couldnt even name a single muscle...
I know my way around realism. And i do cartoons. But still not gettinf any traffic

| >>928233 If you've got the technical details down, then the only thing left is to know how to market yourself, especially if you want to make a career out of this. Twitter is in a bit of an uproar atm, so I'd wait to see what comes of it, or you can just start paying Musk 8 bucks/month. In the meantime, I suggest putting your professional portfolio on ArtStation, and for other projects you can post wherever, though personally I go to Pixiv for illustrations, ***maybe*** Instagram.

| New 50k-chan arc?

| I think it's mostly just the who isn't aimed at. I mean if your some fucking kid you don't really wanna watch hardcore porn, and if you enjoy some mind-bending shit then you'll look for it. And example of target audience and the success of something is when something as aimed at a majority group e.g. BNHA was aimed at like young-ish kids and those who like action n shit. So yea, that's my take on it, but idk everyone's different ig

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This thread is permanently archived