best anime

| here we go...



| Was about to make an earnest case for Serial Experiments Lain then I remembered where I am.

| elona


| and Azumanga Daioh

| Ghost in the Shell

| Haibane Renmei

| the complete monogatari series by SHAFT:

| made in abyss

| Black Lagoon

| Such a subjective topic, they are all ok to me. I'm gonna say Lain.

| the best anime is the one in your dreams

| >>908172 why is this so true

| Watamote

| Evangelion

| texhnolyze

| Buarackoh Ragoonu

| ta mere

| Mob psycho 100

| K-ON!

| Aria

| >>850568
je ne connais aucun anime de ce nom

| glt


| nichijou

| namedrop

| Evangelion. Hands down.

| Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Who the hell do you think we are?!?! Don't believe in yourself, believe in the me, who believes in you!

| YKK, represent!

| dream anime ftw
your idealized future awaits

| >>926044 Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou? This is not where I would expect to find another YKK fan! Hihi! :3

| Sex

| Future Boy Conan is ghibli-inspired

| Girls Last Tour!

| >>926313 based

| Bible black

| >>926491 based

| based

| KissXSis

| Cardcaptor Sakura

| >>926313 very very based

| Violet Evergarden (I'm a masochist)

| Megalobox

| Legend of galactic heroes

| Haruhi

| Zombie land saga

| Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Kobayashi is the BEST)

| >>d2d71f trauma porn
>>e654f2 social conscientious rocky
>>b87c0d start trek for old japanese people
>>9127ce every female
>>3ef2dd kinda cringe but I respect
>>5f8c62 shota Loli converter
>>67f6ba based

| Can't pick one so I'll say my top 3
Eden of the east
Arakawa under the bridge
Acchi kocchi

| My top Three is
1. Date a Live
2. Horimiya
3. Journey of Elaina

| >>927844 good stuff

| >>5f8c62 who is your favorite character?

| >>b87c0d what is your top three?

| >>927848
1. Legend of galactic heroes
2. Toradora
3. Tatami galaxy

| >>b87c0d good choices, what do you think of the ending of toradora? I heard people didn’t enjoy how it ended

| This question is so objectively phrased, you'd have to say something like Eva.
My personal favorite however would be Yuru Camp. It goes in and good chemicals come out. A perfectly efficient system.

| >>5eb084 have you seen the yuru camp movie yet? I’m wondering when it’s coming to international

| >>927996 I don't really follow anime that way tbh, I just check for things every now and then. It's not available yet as far as I know, couldn't tell you when unfortunately.

| Steins;gate

| Kurise sex

| I don't care if it's popular, Edgerunner is fucking kino (especially episode 6) and you can't tell me otherwise

| >>928337

| >>352387 i thought it was cool but trigger signposted the end a little too early for me so most of the episodes just felt like waiting for something bad to happen

| >>928337 otherwise. They failed to make me care about a single character, and the story was predictable and bland. The only interesting parts about that show were the parts they failed to elaborate on outside of a 30 second info dump. Lucy's backstory? THAT sounded cool. We could have had a Ghost in the Shell/Neuromancer-esque show about Lucy running in the old net and growing up and stuff, but instead we got some lame druggie's story. What wasted potential.

| >>425c7c to be fair it is the most compelling part about the cyberpunks 2077 setting. It does an okay job of hinting at the underlying reasons why they roid out without calling it toxic masculinity and mommy issues.

But there's definitely a fatalism to the way trigger writes which makes the characters boring as sin.

| JoJo (part 7 and 8 exclusively)

| Togainu no Chi

| Kiznaiver

| Princess Tutu

| NieA_7

| Gotta go with lain

| Or even perfect blue


| ^

| I like "Another" it's a short 12 episode horror mystery anime

| mysterious girlfriend x

| Before watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners, I would have said Girl's Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou).

| >>928757 I like the sequel featuring the chunibyo girl

| touhou

| Psycho pass

| Neon Genesis Evangelion

| >>f3fecb Virgin

Death Note
not ranking

| >>926313 why is this so popular? looking past the cute anime gril, is the writing really that good?

| >>929552 It's gotta be good. It's on danger/u/'s best anime list

| >>929552
it's a whole mood, a last refreshing yawn before the darkness covers over your eyes.
sort of a post-apoc Yokohama Shopping Log, which you should also watch

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