Worst Anime Dubs by Language

| For English, it is probably the Speedy dub of Sailor Moon.
For Portuguese, Blue Dragon.
German and Cantonese is Naruto.
Russian Dragon Ball and JoJo are equally terrible.

Is there anything that I have missed?

| Damn op you can speak all those languages? I'm not confident enough to judge whether a dub is any good in a language I'm not familiar with.

| OP I don't think you'll find many pentalingual individuals here.
What's a speedy dub? Sailor moons dub seems fine too me so I must not be watching the speedy dub.

| Speedy dubs are infamous among the DBZ crowd. They were direct to video English dubs for Malaysia only. They made not only DBZ and Sailor Moon, but also Doraemon, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

P.S I am fluent in English and Latin (which helped me with Portuguese), while I am learning Russian and German. I tried learning Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), since a school I attended taught it, but I moved away. English subs were provided for the Cantonese version.

| Essentially "Believe it!" was translated as "Fuck!"

| >I am fluent in Latin
smh fluent in a dead language. Pretty cool though.

I only ever watch dub in English, since in my native language any dub at all (or even subs) tend to be terrible.

I'm learning Mandarin right now, and even when I watch Chinese donghua in Chinese, I honestly could not tell if they're good or bad. That Cantonese Naruto must be REALLY bad, huh.

| >>6790cb No two ways about it. Naruto Cantonese dub sucks.

Do you watch donghua with or without subs?

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