Genshin Impact anime

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Fans are hyped because it's gonna be made by ufotable and it being a "long term project"


| Many of genshin playerbase first gacha is genshin, and this is also going to be their first anime based on gacha games. Granblue anime, kancolle anime, FGO anime, Touken Ranbu anime, and many others are considered inferior to the game.

Sure, Ufotable can do the visual justice, but the story will be clusterfuck of giving spotlight to all characters in the game and will end up pointless.

| Honestly? Looking at the concept trailer it looks like even the visual isn't gonna be that good. The 3D effects look jarring and I'm not a fan of the 2D style.

And I'm with >>896533 that I'm *very* pessimistic they can handle the story well. Genshin itself has pretty mid writing (even though the background lore is incredibly well-done). Not sure what they're gonna try here.

That trailer itself is honestly not showing us a single damn thing.

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