Is it true that in the end of Watamote manga

| ...Tomoki Kuroko kills herself?

| Hopefully. If all stinky autistic NEETs did that, the world would be a better place!

| Last time i checked the manga, she's constantly surrounded by her friends (even some of them obsess over her) and doesn't stutter, so unless she goes the Emergency path, i highly doubt so

| >>895721 We'll stick around just to spite you ♡

| Damn, even if I wasn't on the ongoing chapter, I couldn't think it's possible!

| It's still ongoing, right? I haven't keep up with it because reading 1 chapter per week is such a drag. Last time I checked, it has turned into a yuri harem manga.

It seems like the author took feedback from readers and make it less about cringy/depressing social awkardness and more about tomoko being a self insert for males readers. Basically she thinks and act like a teenage boy, but her female friends excuse her behavior because she's female.

| >>896734 worse than swastika posting lmao

| I love Tomoko

| Stop making useless threads, Yuri. Go practice your smiling or rewatch Dancer in the Dark or whatever it is you're into.

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