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| What do you think about it ?

| I liked it, it was so fun watching it and recognizing sounds, places, guns, cars, and more from the game. Really good adaptation.

| Only watched two episodes so far. The pacing feels wonky, and I'm not sure if that's by design, but it's interesting. I like the visual style, not something I usually expect from the genre.

| There was an interview with CDPR that's blowing up on twitter rn. Apparently some of the design team for Cyberpunk 2077 weren't fans (at first) of the loli character (Rebecca) and downvoted her in the pre planning stages, but Trigger responded, and I quote, "NO, the loli MUST stay," so they relented. Now she's a favorite.


| The pacing is a little weird because it's a 10 episode show. Trigger usually does 20+

| The visual style is also still really reminiscent of Studio Trigger's older works like Kill LA Kill & TTGL

| gurls, when does it stop hurting?

| >>896422 never

| ToT

| >>896422

Just replay it and make Adam hurt.

| Gods damn. It's been 4 days and it still hurts g/u/rls.

| By the way, I am Pomu de una familia noble Pomulia, and I've cyberprunked ur mom

| After watching it, I kept replaying "I really want to stay at your house" song, it hurts gurls

| I've really really enjoyed it, am glad it exists. The first episodes were super hype and the last hit strongly. It's not perfect but it's very good.

| >>897348 right? I think it could have done with maybe one or two more episodes to flesh out relationships, but overall it was excellent.

| Not to say I'm not angry about the plot. Some characters I won't name because I don't know how to spoiler on the phone app got a ending they didn't deserve. It may just be me but it seems like the characters I end up caring about the most always get a bad end and it really depresses me.

| >>897451 oh yeah I know what you mean. I was afraid that character might have a bad ending, but damn, not like that... Felt worse that others fates

| Here's how I would have liked it to end.


But in actual setting lore they can bring someone back from the dead for 72 hours after death, and neither one of them took enough damage to the head to be unrecoverable, according to what they showed us.

Cyberpunk is one of my favorite rpg settings, it and Legend of the 5 Rings.

| Also, I really want becca's coat. I tweeted rafal & the edgerunners account asking if they'd post the concept art. Gonna have to do a lot of work to make something my size that's durable enough for daily wear like I want.

| Riddle me this Batman: when will Cyberpunk:Edgerunner be able to Cyberpunk:cum?

| >>897713 Never. Cyberpunk lost their balls in a tragic augmentation accident. Many such cases!

| Have not seen it, but an Anituber I know said it was meh. I will probably watch it since most of the stuff coming out these days is shit.

| >>897773
It's definitely not for everyone. Its story reminds me more of the kinds of stuff I saw growing up, back when G4TV showed anime & had actual tech chats, not sponsored bits.

But the animation is full studio trigger.

And Mike Pondsmith, the author of the source material, said "they fucking nailed it". So your anituber probably just didn't like it because they had preconceptions of what it should be.

| Lucy deserved better.

| >>c988bc I guess so, never really watched G4 back in the day, only Toonami and Sci-Fi, but I could imagine what there programming was like. Geekiness, not wokeness. Better geek than woke.

| It is definitely respecting the source material and freshening up on the stuff in cyberpunk 2020, which I love

| Edgerunners is awesome. A good story one can enjoy without ever touching the game Cyberpunk 2077. I love its art/animation style, Trigger is my favorite studio to pull it off. It's the kind of thing I prefer over the mainstream moe style of recent anime.

| Refreshing after all the "relatable" shut in protags. And don't get me started on the heaps of isekai dogshit

| >>898222 Shinji-pilled

| Great anime, made me buy 2077

| Good

| Pacing is a little off, wish there was an episode or two explaining what happened during the time skip. Thought ending was a bit short, solid stuff tho

| I just finished it. Thought it was great. If I had one complaint, I wish it were a little longer for more depth/characterization. Other than that, great show. Kinda reminded me of those hyper violent OVA movies from back in the day.

| >>899468 Seconded, a few more episodes would have been a treat. Though, probably would have made me weep even more.

| >>896325 Apparently CDPR was actually more concerned about introducing a character so late in development, although having seen the concept drawings Trigger really lolified the design

Like, she's iirc supposed to be a short young adult, which she looks like in the concept art, but the release design was way more childlike

Not an issue in Edgerunners specifically though, just the anime industry really liking to sexualise children

| Just marathoned the series last night! I thought it was fairly good, but after episode 6 there was some pacing issues cropping up and near the end it felt like they took shortcuts with the animation/backgrounds. There were also some strange jumpcuts that made me rewind a few times in case i missed a frame or transition.

Totes worth a viewing though. I was also expecting *more* sexualization but for the most part the sex and nudity isn't gratuitous at all.

| >>03c553 it is really hard to find media that does sex and adult themes well

| edgerunners was really quite good

| >>900060 A big part of the issue is that if it's not relevant to the plot, it's just fan service, so you should hire writers who can include sexuality in for example character identity and development without just shoehorning it in as fanservice

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