What is boku no pico and why is everyone telling me to watch it????

| << please explain...


| It's a basic anime with, uh... Core Catholic Values

| It's essential anime viewing for newfags

| Gay porn involving school boy who looks like a girl (trap/femboy whatever you call him, that's not the point).

Basically it will shock/scar you if all anime that you've watch is mainstream stuff like one piece, dragon ball and clannad. If you've watch enough anime and hentai (tentacle porn) or have read a few doujin then it will have little no effect for you.

| people just want you to watch it for the shock factor bcuz it's gay porn, not only that they're underaged and it's really gross! don't do it!

| >>894078 >>894206 when did the no fun allowed crew get here?

| Don't watch an anime called Boku.mp4

| >>c28efe op should be thankful for people like this.

| I suggest not to do that of you the kind of innocent who can get traumatized easily, for me boku no pico is not really bad like the worse rate for me is just 5/10, yes ik it's a pedo hentai anime but not as worse as necrophilia hentai which is somehow exist ;_;

| >>894496 haha get ready for coprofilia and gore and amputee and snuff

You get the point, there is always worse

| >>894652
yeah like handholding

| >>894652 you have no idea that i already seen that all (••)

| You would think Boku no Pico would be a celebrated anime today

| >>894652 im op indulge please.

| i feel like if you're knew to this stuff boku no pico and 177013 will be recommended without warning


| >>444ccf fuck you

| >>896379 OMG SO TRUEEEE, fuck that gurl!!! OHHHH I'M AGREE WITH YOU!!

| >>895640 I was all for trolling OP with boku no pico but when you mentioned that suddenly it felt like we've gone too far.

I haven't seen either btw. This is my wisdom.

| Don't watch Boku no Pico

Watch these instead:

Kino's Journey: the beautiful world
Yuki yuuna is a hero
Puella Magi Madoka Magicka
Mushishi, Mushishi zoku shou, etc
Cowboy Bebop
Made in Abyss
Boogiepop Warawanai
Knights of Sidonia
Wonder Egg Priority
Urasekai Picnic
Durarara (and sequels)
Read Or Die
Great Teacher Onizuki
Slayers (and all sequels)
Kite: Liberator
Eve no Jikan
Eden of the east
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

With a friend so you don't cry alone.

| >>896492
Would not recommend madoka for first timer... or people that'z not a fan of dark stuff

The same goes to made in abyss

Also, why recimmend knifht if shidonia? The CG looks pretty bad

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