Light Novel Audiobooks

| So apparently this is a thing now, at least new for English audiences and only some popular names.
I stumbled across a Spice & Wolf one and it was a real surprise!
How long has this been a thing?!

| Seems pretty new, for english language versions anyways. Audiobooks in general have become way more accessible recently, so it's probably not that new.

| Id love a Overlord audiobook, the books are great.

| Part of me is afraid that if I hear my favorite light novels read out loud, I'll realize how cheesy they are...

| >>875113
Good news for you, then!

| >>875137 Add a sexy deep voiced man and anything will sound good no matter how cheesy it is.

| Aint it the same as CD-Dramas?

| wja

| >>875418 CD-Dramas are just audiobooks with high production values

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