Any tips finding old anime?

| I like some older stuff ever since ive learned of Go-Nagai dude basicaly invented anime, i also love the older aesthethic. The famous things are a breeze to find like Urusei Yatsura or Fist of the northstar. But searching for more underground things like dirty pair, lemon angel or Gu-Gu Ganmo just gets me RAWs, broken links or just the first few episodes. You gurls got any tips for searching out the stuff? (Or links for any of the 3 would also work). Or do i take it for lost media?

| BakaBT is usually pretty good for older anime. Looks like it has Dirty Pair and Lemon Angel, but not Gu-Gu Ganmo.

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Is it any better than nyaa in this matter ?
I mean I downloaded Dirty Pair and Lemon Angel from it.

| nyaa and hi10anime

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It's better curated and seeded, I guess?

| >>873606 Delightful, in this case i only need to find Gugu Ganmo to have my spirit at ease. Thanks for the help yo

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Wasnt Nyaa taken down a long time ago?

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Just like PirateBay it always revives fews weeks after with a new url.

| But most fansubbers and rippers only upload and seed on nyaa right ?
BakaBt is just a mirror ?

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BakaBT is a private server with a lot of stuff you won't find on nyaa(at least not seeded). I haven't had an account there in years, I used AnimeBytes now - same concept. Both have a good catalog of old anime.

I took a look and they have Gu Gu Ganmo, but only raw, so it might never have been fansubbed?

| >>4aa09e I vividly remember i saw a site that streamed GuGu subbed (and at least indexed amm episodes) on late 2021 i just cant seem to find it again so here i am.
Alternatively i could look for communities that accept fansub applications. Also thanks for the help, animebytes is somewhat omnious to get into and i have a nut brain so i always forget the whole "last day of the month" aplication thingy

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Or you could start learn Japanese, it's a funny ride.

On 9anime there's 2 subbed episodes thou

| >>41a6a5 would have considered it, but im already taking up french, and this is mot only for myself but some other frienfs that definitly wont go on that journey

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