Why do people insist on the new Stand Alone Complex?

| GITS SAC is an exceptionally brilliant series. Incredible topics are discussed on top of a capitalist and cyberpunk society. Technology, ways of life, existentialist feeling, what it is like to really live, what it is to be happy, what is reality, and what it is to be poor and need from something so expensive. Netflix's SAC_2045 strikes me as a poorly animated affront that tries to continue something so beautiful from 2002 and 2004 in such a lazy way, I can't even explain it.

| It is poorly animated, people were dunking on it when it first came out. It doesn't help that they hired a hack to work on the character designs and let him put his self insert OC in it with some truly abysmal animation to boot. Hell, the trailer has only 6k likes to 4.5k dislikes, people didn't like it that much. it's obviously a cash grab with a meme artist at the helm hoping to cash in on his fanbase or something.

| The only thing Netflix didn't ruin is Epstein's island

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