Mecha Thread

| What mecha shows do you watch, /a/? Everything from Mazinger to VOTOMS, it doesn't matter as long as it's mecha!

| My idolfaggotry compelled me to watch [email protected] Xenoglossia once. I didn't hate it. I do have brain damage though, so... fistful of salt. That aside, Patlabor and UC Gundam are pretty sick. If I can cheat and say Xenogears, then yeah that too.

| VOTOMS is really under-rated by the modern audience.

| I always wanted to check VOTOMS out. Like, I know it exists, and the people I know that watched it tell me it's pretty cool, but i just couldn't find the time lately

| >>871320
same, and the kenny lauderdale video about it's spinoff doubled my interest.
But for now I'm stuck at watching L-Gaim, I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, but I'm gonna finish it someday.

Also does it count as mecha but I became a huge Gall force fan with having watched only 2 episodes/ovas

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