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Miura's best friend will be finishing Berserk

| The manuscript he wrote 30 years ago follows all the way to the end, and Mori was there for it all. He'll be leading the team through the final story arc, using only what Miura had written and planned, and only what other details he can clearly remember being told about. It won't be perfect, but they want to see it to the ending that Miura had envisioned.

| Personally, I think this is for the best. It would be tragic to leave the story unfinished, or to just publish the scripts alone. I just hope they're able to do it justice without Miura's presence.

| I hope for the best

| Feels right. Little like when Sanderson took over Wheel of Time.

| I speculated this would happen. I got one at happy we get to see the story finish. It may not be exact copy of what Miura envisioned, but it’s nice to get some closure for Berserk. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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This thread is permanently archived