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i just rewatched lain

| I think I got it, at least on a metaphorical level, however does it also make sense on a literal level? If Lain is not a human, what role does her father play? He plays the part, introduces her to the Wired and then admits it was all "a job" of sorts? Also, the Lain seen in Cyberia - was that a lain hallucinated by the young kid or the actual Wired, original, Lain, that human lain split from? Also if the first person that dies on tracks is Masami, who is the second?

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| >>866879 All that matters is if you love lain, do you?

| >>866882 I do.

| There's Lain, and Lain of the wired which the Knights created

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In all honesty, I think that there's been a few ideas on the existence of the 'Lains'.

'Regular' Lain,
'Knight/The Wired' Lain,
'Pijamas/bear onesie' Lain,

(which I mention only because of her main significance at the end of the series, when she talks to her dad)

They're all meant to represent how 'Lain' is interperted as a person to others and er-go to herself. They're are real (imo), just only within their context:

| Is Lain in the real world? 'Regular Lain' it is.

Is Lain in the Wired? 'The Wired' Lain for now.

Is Lain in a situation where she exposed herself more than usual in an emotional moment with her Dad/family?

'Bear onesie' Lain is in the house.


| It's when characters and herself see these interpretations of 'Lain' clash where we have to consider what the show is telling us.

Quoting EP 13.

"I... I'm confused again"

"Am I here? Or am I there?"

"Over-there, I'm everywhere. I know that."

"I'm connected there, after all. Right?"

"But where is the real me?
Oh, right.
There is no real me."

"I only exist inside those people who are aware of my existence."

| >>866920 (cont.)

"But this me that's taking right now... It's me, isn't it?"

"This me that's taking... This me... Who is it?"

| They're all real.
Even if there's evidence that may suggest that they're not, as long as they are interpreted as, or can not be fully disputed in a significant manner, all these 'Lains' are real.

This is sorta the point of SEL, and it's philosophy in identity outside of the self alongside it's comprehension.

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| >>0ae4ad Exactly!
That's why my Lain is loli waifu edition!

| its theg

| I love sex.

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