What shows do you like to rewatch?

| What's a series or movie that you keep coming back to? Something that you forget about and refresh your memory of, feel the need to watch twice to pick up on missed details, or just plain enjoy and don't get tired of.

I tend to go back to Samurai Champloo and Spice And Wolf every few years, just to enjoy the experience again after I've forgotten the bits and pieces.

| Usually hentai

| I rewatch Steins;Gate every once in a while, although I don't rewatch shows very often so I don't do that very often.

| Ergo proxy and texhnolyze because I didn't understand them the first few times.

| Oreimo and the entirety of haruhi every christmas for like 8 year now

| Sora no woto and Gunbuster

| Daily lives of highschool boys because every episode fucking funny

| Kokoro Toshokan is one of the first anime I ever watched, and still has a special place in my heart. I've seen it four or five times now.

I've been meaning to rewatch Texhnolyze for months now. It definitely seems like the kind of show that's a very different experience once you know what's going on.

| I rewatched K-On so many times it became a recurring setting in my dreams.

| I rewatch some random Girls Last Tour chapters every now and then.
Oh! And I also do the same with One Punch Man anime, specially to rewatch Mumen Rider vs. Deep Sea King.

| I watch the Haruhi movie every Christmas and I watch Lucky Star every summer. I can perfectly recite some scenes.

| I love rewatching Mawaru Penguindrum and Neon Genesis Evangelion. They are my two main favorite animes, I have a huge affection for them. Whenever someone tells me they haven't watched these animes, I find a way to watch them with them.

| I've probably watched FLCL over a hundred times.

| >>866796 K-On is one I watch pretty freqeuntly as well, along with Lucky Star. It's an easy one to just pull up and watch on my phone over a meal while I'm away from home

| >>866723 >>866732 >>866751 >>866892
Who are you, people? How come all of you rewatch 4 out of 30-ish titles I've ever watched in my life? And these are also the ones I was thinking of rewatching myself. Wtf?!

| >>866732 I also have a similar Christmas tradition, except that I watch Angel Beats and Parasyte

| >>867116 angel beats is amazing

| Angels beats is my confort show. I watch it at least once a year.
Then I have a summer tradition of binging FMA:B.
Also at least twice a year I watch Spirited Away, the catch is that I try to watch it on a different dub everytime.
Persona 4 The Animation is also on my confort shows list, although I only found that one out last year. [I should rewatch it now actually].
Lastly the one I've seen the most is Trigun. I just binged it actually. And I'll never get tired of this one. :3c

| I rewatch Galaxy Angel all the time and Girls und Panzer at least once a year.

| Annual HxH rewatch and psycho-pass

| Regular Show, Moral Orel

| >>866892 What a coincidence, FLCL is the only show that I rewatch from time to time, it's the only show which vibe resonates with me, if that makes sense

| >>866751
Yeah I started because of this thread and it's great once you understand how things are in the upper world. It made me appreciate yoshii even more and generates the deeper philosophy of struggling is living and continuity is akin to failure.
But that's just my interpretation.

| Hajime no Ippo !

| Trigun, black lagoon, Youju Senki

| >>867468 it's that punk serious yet zany vibe that makes me watch it again and again

| That's tough, I love going and watching K: the colorless king anytime I want a comfort show. But the one that spikes the dopamine part of my brain would have to be DBZ Abridged: Cell saga

| I love rewatching Girls' Last Tour anime and be depressed all over again.

| >>866732
Even the Endless 8?

| Spice and wolf or mushishi. I love those two shows.

| >>867850 e8 is the best part

| I have rewatched grand blue dreaming a total of 8 times. This is a cry for help.

| >>867752
Good taste. Personally, when I want to get emotionally scoured out inside, I rewatch Haibane Renmei.

| >>867854 Mushi-Shi is beautiful. Remains my absolute favorite. I think I could watch it again now, it's been long enough. That one was always nice, because it's a show I can present to non-anime watchers if they like that calm, mysterious style it has

| I find myself re watching Watamote quite often

| None, I don't like rewatching stuff.
I'd rather spend time on something new

| G-Gundam
It's about that time to rewatch it soon.

| >>868047 mokochi is epic

| >>868122 based never look back sigma grindset. Respec

| >>868134
Big facts

| Rewatched Ping Pong the animation around 4 times,cried every time.

| I do Turn A Gundam every now and again. Zeta too.

| Og thundercats is another good rewatch

| I recently got the blu ray box for Samurai Champloo, so I'm rewatching that for the fourth time now

| About 3 years ago I've started a tradition where I watch Hellsing Ultimate every october.

Y'know, Halloween spirit and all that

| flcl and aikatsu.

| I rewatch either noucome or flip flappers about once a year. they remind me of when I was young :)

| >>871528 Honestly, Noucome was a fever dream to me. Especially since that was the first ever anime that I watched.

Maybe I should watch it again to see if my opinion of it has changed

| >>871292 Been a while since I saw Ultimate, but Abridged pops up in youtube every now and then. I get my fix that way

| Acchi Kocchi
It's my comfort show

| >>872293 <3
Acchi Kocchi's soundtrack has made up my ringtones and alarm clock for the past decade

| Yu Yu Hakusho, Outlaw Star, Overlord, Erased. Thankfully have Outlaw Star on DVD still.

| Ooo I need to watch outlaw star again, haven't heard that in a hot minute

| Idk why, I've rewatched Barakamon once every year, and I appreciate it in different ways each time.

| >>866699 I really love Saiki K. I think it's really funny. Also for a long time after college because of burnout I wasn't able to sit through long series or games. Saiki K was one of the first shows I could really watch and binge.

| madoka

| >>873849 become meguca

| >>58e8ab being meguca is suffering

| Gakkou Gurashi ????

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