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Favourite anime this season

| I dunno about you girls but my anime of the season would definitely have to be "Dance Dance Danseur" or "Healer Girl" Dance Dance Danseur is just so interesting to watch with good characters and beautiful drama and the animation is so pretty, in the other hand Healer Girl is one of the most relaxing animes i've seen recently with a great set of girls, funny moments, cute moments and good music overall. what are you favourites animes this season??

| Boku no pico

| >>865396 really good plot.
Nice looking ice cream

| "I'm Quiting Heroing" is something fresh to me.

Especially with the most recent episodes with the knowledge on why the MC is doin' stuff. Also the new ED is nice. Idk, everything just feels fresh in this anime compared to those in a somewhat similar genre/themes.

| SPY x Family, easy

| I liked spy x family at first, but being halfway through I'm beginning to think it has high production value, because it's been sponsored by the japanese ministry to trick otakus into starting families and save the declining society

| >>865550
That would never in a million years work unless they (A) Create mandatory social rehabilitation camps or (B) Supply each firstborn son with a state-mandated girlfriend. I guess (C) would be to mail single-use onaholes to hikineet guys, order them to use it to completion, take the onaholes to an IVF program, legally compel a girl to offer an egg, fertilize it, implant it. Boom. Population crisis averted. Japanese are hardworking so the single mothers would be fine.

| >>865550 that's the entire idea of the "Cool Japan" project. And people are eating it up. East Asian fetishism is at an all time high and they're going to take the world.

| I’m indecisive so:

Spy X Family
Couple of Cuckoos
Birdie Wing
Ya Boy Kongming
Kaguya S3
Komi (second cour)

I’m sure Summertime Render(ing) would be up there, but I don’t think it’s officially licensed in the US. So I ended up buying the omnibus books that are being released to hold me off.

| >>865562
>Japanese are hardworking
Gurl that's the whole problem to begin with. The japanese spend so much time working(65+ hours/wk) that they have no time to date or raise a family(not that they could if they did, since they can't afford to even with all that overtime).

| Must be coming
Love eiko

| Oreimo

| >>865657

Looking at you, Mappa

| >>865657 we're doomed

| > Sees title
> Expects convo about anime
> Finds Conspiracy about the government implanting fetishism in media anime culture in order to grew their population and take over the world
> wha

| >>865876 real

| >>865876 we need to be a japanese world!!11!!1

| Spy x Family hands down. It's ED is my favorite of all time as well.

| Spy Times Family

| Spy Times Family good.

Summertime Rendering is pretty interesting so far.

I've only seen snippets of Ya Boy Kongming because I ain't subbing to a whole streaming service just for it, but it seems very good from what I can see

| >>866494 ...... Subbing?

| >>866670 As in "subscribing"

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