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If you had to kiss every single named character from an anime on the lips, which anime would you pick?

| Can also be manga too, I guess. Underage characters will obviously not be counted in the list of kissable characters. Instead of kissing them you will give them a handshake and tell them a piece of advice that will help them be successful when they enter the workforce.

| Love live cuz I'm gay af

| YuruYuri

| Bubblegum Crisis

| [email protected]

No wait... maybe Nekopara because if you kiss a catgirl, she goes into heat. But if [email protected] then you get like... hundreds of girls to kiss. Shit, but if I pick K-On I can kiss and marry Mio and make Sawa-chan-sensi my sidechick when she gets drunk and horny. Tbh there's just too many possibilities...

| gurren lagann cause of The Bro

| No game no life. All those women for just a couple men? I think Sora and the other men would understand completely.

| Uh.... named characters, so if I go with goblin slayer, there will be no kiss because none of them have actual name.

| Gonna classify all of the pilots in Evangelion as underage, so I could make out with Misato, Ritsuko, and Maya.

| Nichijou

| Yuyushiki. There are no guys in Yuyushiki.

| Watamote?

| I only want kiss you op

| >>860699 they're lolis

| >>27913d oof

| >>860800 still kissable. The younger the better.

| tbh, won't be very interesting because all anime characters are attractive, even the villains, ESPECIALLY the villains

| >>860774
Highschoolers aren't lolis ...

| >>860774
The youngest in Yuyushiki is 16 years old??

| >>Highschoolers aren't lolis
That's a distinct "point of view" situation. If you still get asked for ID at a bar, you may qualify as a loli in my eyes.

| >>3c5cb7
you must be old AF if you put 12 year olds and 18 year olds in the same category

| get off the internet grandpa

| >>860673 +1

Re:Zero might be worth it just to get a chance to kiss Felix... :3

| Black Butler only for Grell, everyone else would either be a bonus or forgettable

| WELL THEN I'd go for Read or Die because Bethoven is in it ...

| New Game! no doubt

| Free! Makoto <3

| If VA-11 Hall-A had an anime...
Btw I'd go for Wataten WAIT N-

| PewDiePie

| >>861253

| >>861253

| >>861253

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