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Psy X Family???

| Has any g/u/rls been watching the show lately? I been loving the transition from the Manga to the show and seen some extra detail added based on some panels that were a bit too small or short, general thoughts? Good, bad, meh?

| Gangnum style??!!

| My time has come.

| https://soundcloud.com/beat_shobon/brain-opwer

| Great adaptation so far, I feel like they did the source material justice. I started reading the manga when viz published them and have been keeping up. Glad the series is popular too, it’s well deserved.

| >>860661
Yeah I'm very amazed at the amount of outwork coming out now that the series has an anime interpretation, still a bit the disturbed by the minority of psychos that think the anime is lewd and taboo-ish I guess those people were never loved by their parents...

| That just good comedy, nothing new

| eeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy lady

| Being such a good manga makes the anime way better to watch, because it is mostly loyal to it.
I'll like to know if the author have enough support in the future to see more anime in it's style. So humoristic and entertaining. So yeah, for my opinion the anime is perfectly adapted.

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This thread is permanently archived