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Looking for iyashikei fantasy manga, with mysterious vibes

| Stuff like Mushi-Shi, Ancient Magus Bride, Girl From The Other Side, or even xxxHolic or Emanon. Calm, relaxing series that delve into fantasy or the supernatural without letting the reader in on too many details at once.

| River End Cafe

| Xxxholic is iyashikei? Lmao

| You can probably find a lot of that stuff under the post apocalyptic tag

| >>859998 I've never heard of that one, nor has most of the internet from what I can tell. Looks like it isn't even fully translated yet, despite being a few years old. Thanks for hidden recommendation

>>860002 I wouldn't fit xxxHolic into iyashikei, but it does have the sensibilities I'm looking for

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This thread is permanently archived