late 2000s to early 2010s anime recomendations?

| It's seem like the time frame where stuff is too new to be nostolgic, but is old enough to not get talked about anymore(obv there are exceptions)

| Vintage greasy balls from the year two thousand and seven.

| Shinsekai yori because it mystified the fuck out of me

| seconded >>858801 because my head empty

| Bakemonogatari, if you want an interesting time

| Or Katanagatari (unrelated) if you want a different, almost anti-shonen series (highly recommend that one)

| Angel beats is from that era iirc?

| k-on maybe?

| baka to test to shokanju is funny
ef: a tale of memories

| >>858910
I remember watching Monogatari but it was like gazing at an empty powerpoint during 30 minutes

| FLCL and Gurren Lagann are easy recommendations.

| def gotta recommend FLCL or samurai champloo (specially the latter)

| white album

| >>859066 false impression

| >>859066 That's fair, honestly. It's one of those shows that you'll hear people try to explain, but end up sounding like pretentious film majors in the process. If you don't enjoy the first few episodes, then it's best to move on. Chock full of references, text, long dialogue strings, complicated wordplay... See? I'm sounding like a pretentious film major already.

| Ping Pong the Animation

A great anime that is oddly less about ping pong and more about feelings and aspirations.

| >>859664 Haven't most sports anime been like that since the late 1970s?

| >>859836 Can't tell you tbh, Ping Pong the Animation is the only sports anime I've ever watched.

Def recommend you to check it out tho, it's my top 1 anime and has some really good themes like nihilism.

| Seconding Ping Pong, I watched it recently and it's really good.

| Redline. Cool cars cool action cool art not the best but cool.

| rozenmadien

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