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| Looking for something new, light and short. Any ideas?

| Ya Boy Kongming!

| New to you, or new in general? I'd say FLCL (6 chapters long), but it's from 2000~

| >>857913 lucky star

| New as in recent, like from the past 3 years or so.

| I'll second Ya Boy Kongming. If we're going back a couple years, then I'll also put out Yuru Camp.

| A place further than the universe
Konohana Kitan
I'll third Ya Boy Kongming as well

If you want relaxing anime, search for iyashikei


| maybe some classical anime? like k-on?

| Nichijou is kinda recent, right? Right, guys?

| >>858159 it's still recent to me, dammit!

| >>858159
Settle down, gr/a/ndmas. Let's get you both back inside for some delicious prune juice.

| The best shortformed anime are hentai.

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This thread is permanently archived