Komi sucks

| Komi herself is cute and good character. It's all the other characters that suck, some of them are so annoying and obnoxious that it ruins the show. As if they had a need to fill in with stereotype characters and overused tropes.

Maybe I'm wrong because I was expecting something else from the show and see something that would dive in a bit more seriously in mental health.

| Maybe you're the one that sucks

| Komiyamasomething?

| I only read the doujins thus your opinion are voided

| I also want to suck

| You suck cock!

| Some shows suffer due to a reduced number of characters, but this one suffers from an excessive amount of them. And half of them suffer from what >>857343 said
Main reason I stopped caring about the series a long time ago

| Disclaimer: manga reader here, never watched the anime.

Maybe the excessive amount of characters can be off-putting, but I still really like what the author did with them. One thing is that each character has one very specific gimmick that, at first glance, we assume to be their entire personality, but as the show goes on, they become way more fleshed out, to the point where it becomes a tiny piece of what makes up that character, speaking to the complexity of a person.

| >>857379 well that's different way to experience story of the show.

| me estresa que no intente hablar aunque sea un poco

| Не, ну аниме про Коми сан реально говно полное

| i sorta agree that many of the side characters are annoying but they also add a lot of background stuff to the story when not focusing on komi and tadanos stuff

| Anime sucks

| God I hate anime so fucking much

| Anime is for suckerz.

| Haven't even seen it, but it sounds like some of you need to chill out a bit

| lmao, I liked all the background characters but thought komi and tadano were super fucking boring.

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