What's an anime everyone seems to like but you don't think is good at all..

| I'll be real with you g/u/rls but i personally never understood the hype people created for shows like SAO and Re:Zero. They feel like overhyped just because of exposure compared to gems like Saiki and durarara!

| Everything that's popular to normies like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul

| >SAO
Mostly popular with imageboard otaku who are super into MMOs.
When you play a video game for long enough in a given day you get something like the Tetris effect, where you start dreaming about it, etc.
So their dreams about being in an MMO are now an anime, and #wow #whoa.
Cute anime girls.
That's literally it.

Please feel free to provide me with other examples of anime whose hype you do not understand, and I will try to help you.

| >Overlord
The most boring power fantasy I've ever seen

| Demon slayer, shits so boring in this season. Just Japanese jerking themselves raw over trains. No wonder the president endorsed it, its as challenging and interesting as a lobotomy.

| >>856530 I found both Sakiki and Durarara! to be pretty boring and definitely more so then Re;Zero. Although I do agree with you on SAO being overhyped.

>>856532 I agree and would add more crap that normies like like DBZ and Inuyasha to the mix.

>>856534 I thought it was better then Shield Hero or Cautious Hero when it comes to being a power fantasy and the CGI was a pain to watch but I didn't think it was all that overhyped.

| >>856543
This. The only good thing about Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer is that it looks pretty in stills. The actual animation isn't even that good, barring the fight scenes, but even then they feel weak because the story just isn't that good.

I guess people are so tired of even mildly complicated stories that they need its level of blandness?

Man I don't like shittalking anime, but I need to let that out.

| My Hero Academia. most mid thing i've ever seen in my life

| Evangelion

| Anything Gundam

| A Silent Voice. I couldnt remember much of it from when I last saw it when it was out in theaters, but i do remember feeling like it was too anime. by that i mean characters just dont act believably realistic enough, and act too anime.

| >>856689 now that's what I call a hot take lol.

... I can't really disagree but I definitely would not mention A Silent Voice on this list considering how much I liked it and I always thought it was pretty unpopular.

| SNK,it's shilled as the best thing since sliced bread.

| SNK,it's shilled as the best thing since sliced bread.

| Sorry for replying twice :P

| Your favorite anime

| honestly, i think aot is very overrated. its such a weird show, it gave me the creeps. i don't really get why people like it so much

| >its such a weird show, it gave me the creeps
Now you know what people like it!

| I don't think One Piece is good, and I'm not gonna read 1000 boring filler garbage manga chapters just to "get to the part when it's getting good", sorry not sorry One Piece fans.

| >>f33b73 thats where your wrong kiddo, the part where its "getting good" happens in every arc, not after 1000 'filler' chapters which is also not true. Op is great, just dont worry about getting wherever you think should be the better part of op and take ur time enjoying the journey, its a hella long anime/manga after all.

| >>857153 Sorry I'm not wasting my time reading so many manga chapters/watching so many anime episodes.

| >>857262 thats fine np but its not fair to call it all filler garbage when you havent seen the rest of the story

| one piece. just boring. and too long. and with too many fillers. and mid design

| >>857277 based g/a/l

| I have completed all of One Piece up till 2017 and I FUCKING REGRET EVERY SINGLE SECOND INVESTED INTO IT
now i just read yuri manga

| Tbh One Piece was more charming before the TS; years later, marineford and enie's lobby arcs are still the best ones. After TS, half the crew has been missing A LOT of screen time, and that's a big no-no

| My Hero is mid and the fan base is questionable would be better if Deku wasn't such a cry baby and was actually strong and not break his bones 24/7

| >>857511 glad I found someone else that shares this opinion.

| NGNL is swamp-ass tier and doesn't deserve another season.

Death Note was only mildly interesting until L died, and even then... it was ass.

Code Geass was only not ass because of JIBUN WO, but it still seriously stunk.

Every single Emotion Porn anime like Clannad or Angel Beats is putrid ass.

JoJo is not trash, but it's "fans" are ceaseless anal discharge.

Komi and Nagatoro are ass.

Redo of Healer was mega ass, but based af.

All isekai are ass except MT.

| Not an anime but a manga, Uzumaki, it seemed very interesting and the artwork is really nice, but I couldn't take seriously any shit that was happening, specially one about a zombie kid or something. When the car drove him over I wasn't sure if that that was supposed to be disturbing or funny.

I'm still interested in Junji Ito, I may read something else by him, but my first impression was super disappointing.

| Rise of the Shield Hero. Everyone kept saying it's this dark inversion of expectations but it just ended up doing all the isekai harem tropes anyways

| >>857568
>I wasn't sure if that that was supposed to be disturbing or funny.
A lot of Junji Ito's stories are like that. Fucked up shits are happening, but usually it's not super deep so it feels funny in retrospect.

Seems like Junji Ito's horror aren't your kind of thing. Maybe read The Enigma of Amigara Fault if you still want a bit more Ito, but it's probably safe to drop it.

| >>856530 I think SAO would be great to watch if I am a 12-14 y/o boy. I would probably never question the flawed game mechanics, terrible villain, or how every female falls in love with main character.

When I get a bit older (16 or so) and get a bit edgier, then I'd probably enjoy re:zero because "omg the suffering" and I would never have watched steins gate, madoka, or any other shows that managed to do the time travel better.

| I think it is expected that both titles are overhyped because they have the biggest target demographics. Also both shows are designed to be relatable for said demographics, they probably haven't watch any other shows like that, hence they won't shutup about it and recommend it to everyone.

| sorry. re:zero still gets a high rating in my book because it introduced me to catboys.

I really didn't like plastic memories. it wasn't even good as cry porn.

| >Sao

| 1. i love catboys
2. My hero, more like mid hero

| mosts of them

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