1990s-2000s animes with best look

| i was watching Perfect Blue and some cutscenes from the PSX Lain game, does anyone know other anime media that have that type of artistic style?

| Hmm.ghost in the shell 1995 from mamoru oshii

| Patlabor is an underrated gem, and wolf brigade

| cowboy be....

| Akira?

| Unironically Video Girl Ai. Say what you will about the show but the animation is excellent.

| Memories: Magnetic Rose
Very neat looking scifi horror anime

| I will stroongly suggest Silent Mobius the motions picture.
Cyberpunk anime with that looks really good(the movie not the tv show).

Unfortunately on googlebor YouTube there's no screenshot of the blu ray remaster, which is a shame.

Ultimately yeah akira, ghost in the shell, memories, robot carnival, macross(do you remember love), some gundams oav/movie and a lot more.

There's also Cardcaptor sakura, Noir, Cowboy bebop, a lot indd.

| Damn I forgot a lot but basically every 80's 90' oav.

Lodoss war(fantasy), ninja scroll, demon city and wicked city... a lot

| I kinda love all this anime style as you see,

My personal favorite is Gunbuster


| (initial, fuck)

| Evangelion 1996

| Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade definitely almost has the same animation/art style as perfect blue. But it's a movie not a series.

| Blue Submarine No. 6 ?

| >>854865
Rewatched it today and it wasn't as good looking as I remembered.

Memories: Magnetic Rose is probably the closest thing to what OP is asking for.

| >>85548
Yes Magnetic rose and Stinky Bomb from Memories

I remember that the animation was made on computer, so totally not what OP is asking for

| To add to everything already mentioned, in no particular order
Gunsmith cats
Bebop the movie, it looks even better than the series
Zetsubou sensei
Haruhi ofc, be praised our goddess

| rozen maiden

| Gungrave

| Mnemosyne
California Crisis
Birdy the Mighty (it's a stretch but the backgrounds are cool)

| cartoon cowboy boy bebebo, his signatnure catphrate: "Heh, guess I shotcha"

| Lain

| city hunter

| >>b56a34 YOO i didnt know other people still knew about rozen maiden! i love this anime

| idk if shiki counts?

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