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help me find this animeeee

| there was this anime I watched back when I was in middle school, but I forgot the title.
iirc, it's about a robot girl programmed to take care of a flower shop or something.
Then some sort of war/apocalypse happened and the robot's owner had to hide her in some place.
After some time, the robot reactivates, post-apocalypse, and then tries to take care of the flower shop. As she takes care of the flower shop, a human male tries to loot the shop.
I think that's where the story starts

| Yokohama Kaidashi KikĊ ?

| I've no idea what anime this is but it sounds cute and wholesome. Please tell it's actually cute and wholesome.

| >>816593 This is a nice series, but sadly, this isn't it. I think the series that I've watched has a more serious tone to it.

| Sounds similar to Planetarian (a visual novel by Key), but that didn't get an anime adaption until a few years ago

| If you want to try to find an anime, you could search on aniDB, maybe try searching with the tag post-war

| Sounds like Wall-e the anime

| Could you tell time intervals and how anyone looked?

| After some random research, I agree with statement above, it's Planetarian.

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This thread is permanently archived