Got isekai'd but my phone works

| Hello!
My name is Kazuru and last night a strange blue pentagram showed up around me and next thing I knew, I was on a strange dark room surrounded by strange looking people wearing robes.
It looks like they tried to summon a hero from another world but... that can't be.
I am not complaining, the castle service is amazing!
And just now I realized my phone works... somewhat.
Only this app is currently connected. So I might as well use it.
I'll keep you g/u/rls updated on my journey!

| Please keep us updated on your on-going legend!

| Keep us updated, Isekai-chan.

| Ok, I'm finally back!
Turns out, charging your phone on a land where the highest piece of technology is toilet paper proved to be... difficult.
I had to talk to a mage and convince him that lightning magic regulated to a specific voltage would not fry everything it touches. Anyways, I don't have to worry about running out of batteries now.

On other exciting news, tomorrow I'm going to meet my party. For the looks of it, it's gonna be your typical harem... so that's nice!

> Kazuru

| >>814134

A harem, huh?

Watch out for fantasy based STD's, OP.

| Not much else to report. I only got to see parts of the castle, but they don't let me out yet.
Anyways if you guys have any questions, I guess I'll answer now!

> Kazuru

| >>814135
I uh... don't think... uh...

Mmm... I'll have to ask about that.
What do preservatives even look like here? ._.

| >>814137

Not preservatives! Sexually transmitted diseases, you dummy!

| Do you have an affinity for a certain type of magic~?

| do they have burgers in isekai land

| Are there any humanoid species? Are they integrated in human society? Is it legal to have sex with them with procreational purposes?

| I would like to ask you adventurer g/u/rl, when you have free time, please study and investigate about the magic in that world, I would love to know what are the limits of that magic!

| >>814167
Translator's note: Preservatives is written similarly to condoms.

| >>814171
I don't know this yet, later today they'll experiment different types of magic with me to check just that! I do hope I have some sort of affinity otherwise it's going to be hard to be this hero they want me to be...
Ohh I hope it's lighting magic. I would be so powerful! But water magic might be great too...
I can't wait!

So far I don't think so. Their food is very simple consisting on grilled meats and plain salads. They have bread, so maybe?

> Kazuru

| >>814206
I saw a maid that had a long tail, and a little girl with cat ears, so yes!
I don't know yet if their social status varies from regular humans. But they seemed happy!
I don't know about the last question... I'm new here, you g/u/rls. Give me some time!

I will certainly do so! Later today I'll post more about their findings. But for now, their main goal is to accommodate me on this world. Summoning is not a common affair it seems, so it's taking a while.

> Kazuru

| >>95d3e3 Thanks you Kazuru. I've been enjoying your updates on your adventure!

| >>814279
Thank you for reading! ^^
Keeping a way to connect back home is really nice!

Anyways, off I got to meet my party. I'll update later tonight!

| >>814283 You're welcome! Please tell us later how your party members are!

| Alright, I've meet my party!
I dunno how to go about this so I'll go by... size.
The first one is Mado, she is a tiny shinobi. The only words she said to me were that she'll protect me, but nothing else... cool!
Next is Chomusuke. The room went silent when she said her name, then she complained that it was a perfectly normal name and we were the weirdos. Anyways she's an ice witch, and then... refused to tell me more about it.

> Kazuru

| Lastly is Romani. She is... big...
I don't think I ever met a women that big. She was very friendly, albeit somewhat shy. But also... so huge! She must double me on size al-... sorry, that's not the point.

They're cool. We are going to start going on quests soon. They'll show me how it all works tomorrow! So, I'll update more on that then.
This is starting to look like my dream harem!

> Kazuru

| One last thing, regarding magic. Well, they told me to forget about it. I can do magic, yes. But I lack any special talents.
On this world, everyone is born with a specialization on something. So, people usually only pursue that which their talents benefit. But I seem to lack a talent on magical abilities, so it would be better to look for something else.
I wonder tho, being summoned and all, if I'll even manifest some talent or not. If you have any ideas, do let me know!

> Kazuru

| They all seem so interesting and cute! I think you got lucky with your party members! Haha!

Regarding your magic, could it be that because you don't have a specific magic talent, maybe you could be a expert magician on all magic fields?!

I can't wait to know what will your first quests be!

| >>814344 hehe, lucky indeed!
... I better not teach then how to use my phone.
I thought about that, and I might try! Chomusuke told me that she would love to teach me magic anytime. She was very happy about it... but everyone around me looked worried for some reason... I hope asking her wasn't a bad idea, hehe...

> Kazuru

| >>814357 I hope you enjoy your magic lessons with her OP.
Anyways, how is the little Mado? Is she cute and reserved all the time? Although it may be because of the fact that this is just the start of your relationship with all the group.

| >>814361 Mado is very cutr! But she... hasn't said another word to me.
Oh, but when we were walking out of the kitchen, a maid accidentally tripped and dropped a few glasses that were going to fall on me, and Mado manage to jump and catch all of them before they hit me!
She just looked at me and then dissapeared thru her shadow. Her abilities are awesome!

> Kazuru

| >>814377 Woah she's quite skillful! I'm glad to know she is doing okay!

| Quick update.
Going on first quest. Gotta kill 3 giant slugs that terrorize farmers.
We'll be back later tonight. Phone about to die, no lighting mages around to recharge... I gotta learn that spell. K cya!

> Kazuru

| >>814532 Good luck on your 1st quest! Go get those slugs!

| Tell us about how the quest went later!

| Quest report: Total failure!

Yeah, that didn't go as planned.
They might be slugs, but they are NOT slow.
Unlike the ones we are familiar, these slugs actually use some kind of specially slippery slime that propels them at very high speeds. It's like they were sliding on a pool of soup.
Thing got ugly when I couldn't stop their strikes at first like Romani thought.
She said that I might have defensive abilities so I wanted to try. But one hit of them knocked me out...

> Kazuru

| Once I recovered my senses, I was on Mado's arm. And then every slime was frozen solid. So I take that Chomusuke took care of them. I kind of wish I'd seen them in action. Oh well...

We decided to call it a day and go back. I went to the town's baths to wash off the slime, it was... well... >insert bath house episode ^_^

> Kazuru

| Ohh I see... Well we all start from somewhere! Isn't it what they say? At least your group protected you hehe

| OP, have you attempted any tradeskills? Maybe you have a gift as an artisan of some kind?

| >>814789 mmm not yet. I could give the artisan skilltree a try considering I was somewhat skilled at assembling... uh... I had uh... high detailed...
I put together anime figurines alright! Many of them. No more questions on that.

Anyways, I should try that. I met the leader of the merchant guild yesterday when we collected our... slug reward... and she was willing to help me as I am the summoned hero.

> Kazuru


| You got any sweet happy little "accidents" with your party members Kazuru? You know, like in those ecchi mangas!

| So, have any of them opened a bit, and explained a bit of her past, or their goals, aspirations?

Also, what's Romani specialization? I'd guess it's something related to close combat.

| Is it safe to assume our boy Kazuru is dead already?

| >>816595 Maybe kazuru was eaten by a giant frog :c

| Might've just fried his phone, have faith in our boy

| Explain, what is this?!

I was asked by Kazuru to repair this device of his which recieved substantial electrical damage, and I find this sort of communication network. Is this a line to another kingdom? What does ^isekai^ mean? Who are you?

To the one worried about Kazuru's wellbeing, he is fine. He currently attends the Tazmily Mages Academy in an attempt to awaken his powers. But more on that later. Firstly, some answers from you!

I look forward to your replies,
> Alice

| Well... Guess I'll take charge on this one.

"Is this a line to another kingdom?"
Technically yes, but to a kingdom that has no connection to your own. We couldn't interact with you if we tried.

"Isekai" is a term for "another world" in Kazuru's home. Further explanation on the implications of that should be addressed to the man himself.

"We" are anonymous people from his homeland, who make casual conversation with eachother through this device. His only connection to home, now.

| I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are wishing Kazuru the best and safest, and we hope to hear from him soon. Should you have any concerns of dangers we may pose, I may remind you that we have no way of interacting with your world outside of conveying text through this device. Consider us to be moral support for Kazuru.

While we're here, would you like to tell us about yourself, miss Alice?

| >>587cf3 Thanks you g/u/rl for taking care of the situation. It's pretty interesting that a habitant of Kazuru's new world contacted us!

I truly wish everything goes fine for Kazuru in the Academy! If he wakes up his magical powers that would be awesome!

| Fascinating. A device that anonymous individuals thru a network for casual conversations... without a goal? That's not something I would've imagined possible. I'll have to investigate more on Kazuru's homeworld on another occasion. Thanks for all the intel 587cf3!
I'll inform about your moral support to Kazuru next time I see him. Given the nature of this device, it might take a while before I am allowed to return it to him, but worry not, he is in good hands at the academy.

| Regarding myself, I am the king's personal librarian and a renown mage graduated from the kingdoms academy on magic and technologic affairs. I have to say, however, this device has exceeded my expertise. I fail to understand the magical processes behind it all!

Anyhow, thanks for your attention. We will be continuing our conversations soon,
> Alice

| >>587cf3 For future reference, call me Eve. I'll sign my posts as such from here on. Be sure to tell Kazuru that we're all looking forward to his next update. And be sure to wish him "Happy Holidays". Not sure if that applies in your land, or to him, but I hope he appreciates the sentiment nonetheless.
> Eve

| Happy holidays Kazuru! I hope you're enjoying your time in that interesting world!

| Kazuru here!
Thanks for the well wishes!
They don't do holiday right now. I know, bummer. I was hoping for the Christmas theme episode but... mmm... Alice can read these now so I should be careful...
Anyways, I'm in training to be a mage. It's hard but I think it might spark something on me! They say I have "potential" whatever that means.
That is all I can say for now, I only have a few minutes before Alice finds out I snatched my phone from her desk.



| >>817397 Be carefuk with Alice!! Uh, I mean, if Alice is reading this.. don't worry about that. I'm just joking around.

Go on that wizard grindset Kazuru! I believe you can do it.

| Eve here. Just keeping the thread alive while we wait on Kazuru and Alice to check in.

| >>818281 Post your FEET! It's a form of politeness in our world

| >>818295 You damn weird g/u/rl, you're gonna scare her!

| i Don't know what this is. got kazu's device from him.
he shouldn't Trust you.
need to tell Alice about this. hope that doesn't make kazu mad.

> mado

| >>818338 Hello Mado!
Damn the whole gang now knows Kazuru's thoughts

| Maybe we should research how to get another person transported to that world. Give Kazuru some company.

| Uh... about sending someone over. Maybe let's not joke around about that.

I know it's probably not possible to do so, as there is not known working magic in our world (or that I know of) but Alice got a glimpse of that message and started questioning me like crazy.

Even though would love some company, any other heros being summoned here without notice could cause some problems or something like that.

Anyways, changing topics, how are things over on our world?

> Kazuru

| >>819592 well, uh, more of the same, a new covid variant on the run, no major changes to anythig some places are opening up, others are closing agains, vaccination is going as usuall etc, 2022 is looking to be the same as 2021 but a little bit better, and currently no signs of world war 3.

Now that I think about, does that world have stuff like ours, world wars and pandemics? I think magic would make people really afraid of reaching worl war scale of combat.

| I hope our hero aint dead or anything by now.

| Death by snu snu; for when Truck-kun os unavailable

| I'm alive!
Sorry for staying quiet. Stuff happened.
Let me start with some good stuff. I have an elemental friend!
She sort of manifested after I was practicing lightning magic. Her name is Mimi. And she says hi.
She understand this app and... uh... you g/u/rls. Apparently, she was born from both my magical essence... and my will to charge my phone easily, so she manifested with both the sole purpose to recharge my phone, and also your... collective... knowledge.

| I noticed her attitude changes depending on how the /burg thread is doing. Right now she is super nice, but when the Angry Burgs were winning... she got a little bit intense...
Anyways, she's cool. I'm learning magic fast now thanks to her. She might be only able to charge up my phone but she can tell me a lot of advices, some more useful than others.

Anyways, that's the good news.
The bad news now.
I got kidnapped!
I am currently being held captive by a demon king's general

| The reason I am posting this here is because Mimi found me in the General's castle. She has a direct link to this app, and I am telling her to send all of this so Alice can read it later and send help.
Luckily the Demon King doesn't know of this line, so this is perfect!

Anyways, I'll be waiting here... locked up... pleaee hurry...

> Kazuru
> Mini

| Well since alice is going to read this, well... learn the properties of diffrent metals and how they interact with electricity, thats the key to understanding this device.

Also, question for Mimi: are you made of magic+electricity? Or is there something else, if you are made of electricity how does your memories and even "brain" works?

| >>820919
Mimi here!
I have no idea!

I was just born and I'm still figuring things out!

I know my magic can just help with things related to Kazu's phone. For instance, I can use magic play music!

... think of me like an awesome, cute and flying Alexa!
But... without the spying on you and such.

> Mimi

| >>820921 how nice, Mimi the electric assistent, and hey lemme give you a nice phrase for when you introdue yourself.

"Hi I'm M.I.M.I. the Manager of Internal Mobile Interconnetions"

I think it would suit you, what do you think?

| >>820927
Ohhhhh! I like that!
Kazu says that it has a nice ring to it!
He also says... what?
Oh, he's asking for Alice. Nevermind that.

M.I.M.I Reporting for duty!

> M.I.M.I

| Nice to meet you, Mimi~
Good luck, Kazuru. Sounds like you're in a... neat situation. Hope it doesn't get too bad, you've got this.

| Your phone has an internet connection. Magic is a powerful force!

Lightning magic is more than it seems. Enhancement spells are more than they seem. Ice/heat magic is extremely powerful as well.

Learn how the base particles of the universe work through Wikipedia...

You can enhance space itself, feed enormous amounts of electrons into a single atom, and temporarily negate the weak force in a brick...

Your lack of specialization, and knowledge of the modern world is your power!

| Also, if you can extract metallic hydrogen and liquid oxygen from water and contain it... well, you can make an incindiary bomb capable of destroying continents, with the only byproduct being different combinations of hydrogen and oxygen. This bomb is devastatingly powerful.

You will need Chomusuke to keep the bomb from having a reaction. She doesn't control ice, she consumes heat energy to control matter. You will need her to practice focusing her mana to a single object.

| Hey Alice! So you think this device uses magic, right? Well, it was made to function in a world without magic. If you combine different chemicals together, they produce a very small amount of lightning, and that lightning heats up a mineral called silicon to change it between 2 states. Most of the device you are holding is billions of different pieces of silicon heating up and cooling down. There is no magic here! In this world without magic, we made something similar to it.

| If you want to learn about our world, click the underlined word and touch the letters for "science" after you touch the area that has a blinking line on it. Treat it like a fishtank. When you have typed in "science", tap the magnifying glass symbol that is to the right.
Here is the word: https://www.wikipedia.org/

Use the knowledge to experiment with magic... However it could be dangerous. Science is dangerously powerful if there is no protection in place.

| As this is a web app, anything you do through it should connect to the internet, regardless of what the phone itself says
If Kazuru can't escape, teach him an extraction spell and have him extract the small parts out of water onto the outside of a mana shield. Then, Kazuru can melt their way through anything. If Kazuru can compress hydrogen into a point, they can create a literal star or a black hole. Be very careful with black holes. They can evaporate, or could swallow your world

| Ok, M.I.M.I here to bring you a few explanations!

First of all, the link between our worlds that this app creates does not go beyond this site. If we click on the link you provided, it would never load because there is no internet. The app magically updates all replies on this site thru this app only! If Kazu opened the explorer and directly connected to dangeu.us, it would not load!

Regarding your advices about how to use magic. Well, those are certainly interesting ideas.

| But that is assuming the laws of physics are the same between our worlds. And for the looks of it, they are not. You lack magic in your world but can find workarounds thru advances in technology thanks to the properties of multiple matter. But said matter might not even exist here. Silicon might not change states when heated. Quartz might not oscillate at a fixed ratio. Magnetic forces might not exist. Laws of physics like that are slightly different here. And then magic!

| Magic could just be easily studied phenomenons thru a scientific method, but that doesn't undermine the fact that magic still works on this world. Chomusuke does indeed control ice! She manipulates ice magicules exiting in all matter. These ice magicules are unstable and only thru her rituals can be manipulated, leading to her magic castings and spells. If you freeze H2O, it would seem exactly the same as magic ice. But you could say it is not the same at a molecular level.

| Lastly, Alice already saved Kazu. Right after sending his message actually.
She just doesn't like to reply too much in fear of leaking importan info.

... like a recipe to extremely volatile rocket fuel that a rockie mage could make.

... let's be careful what we share. Or Alice could be mad. Later. =P

> M.I.M.I

| Mimi, you speak too much.

> Alice

| Kazuru is safe, nice, how was he captured anyways? And how was the experience of demon lord prision? Were there any cute muscular dominatrix demon wardens?

| Kazuru here!
The kidnapping happened really fast. I was on my way to the academy, and then a bunch of orcs showed up and knocked me out. Next thing I remember, I was on their dungeon.
No...cute muscular dominatrix. Just regular orc guards. One was Ornid... Orneigh... or something like that. He was cool! He told me we were at the General's castle.

Rescue was quick. Alice teleported me back. She implanted a teleporting rune on me when I first arrived... without me knowing.

> Kazuru

| It was for your own good Kazuru. You should be thankful, or would you like spending more time in that dungeon?

> Alice

| Where was the rune implanted?

| >>821205
I don't really know. She did it while I was asleep. I've seen how runes work so it sort of fuses with a host and it's there.
I could remove it if I wanted to... but I guess it's helpful to have it.
Think of it like a teleporting item on my inventory!
... that only works when Alice summons me...

> Kazuru

| After tasting your freedom, whats the plan for the next few day? More quests? Training? Studying? Look for harem route flags? Giving up and staying in your room traumatized by the experience of encarceration and feeling the dread of being in a completely different world with none of your firends and family?

| >>821253
I don't really know what happened but Kazu is now curled up in the corner of his bedroom sobbing.
He doesn't really have any plans so far. But we did talk about... uh... something Alice might totally love and didn't say anything against it at all!

> M.I.M.I

| Ok now Im worried, poor kazu. Also curious what is it that alice might love?

| >>821271
Ohhh nothing much. Just a little adventuring on this off-limits cave system that connects to some dungeons that hasn't been explored by any adventurers yet...

We also didn't plan on leaving tomorrow when Alice is going to be on a mission trip away from us (and Kazu's phone) for the weekend starting exactly... uh... right before sending my last post. =)

> M.I.M.I

| Hey Mimi! This is the nerd from before! Regarding your magic system, it seems like it operates on a more basic level than I thought! This next question is extremely important. How far down can you see when magnifying stuff? Can you see the base elements of different materials?

Regarding the physics problem: the laws can't be that different from our universe. Kazuru hasn't exploded, melted, evaporated, or become braindead. Additionally, the phone they're using still functions.

| What I'm thinking is that what we call neutrons could be what mana/magic functions with! If there are materials that magic doesn't work on, this might be the answer!

Experiment time!
Get a piece of pure iron, weigh it extremely precisely, charge it up to half power, and then to full power to double check your calculations. Then, get a blacksmith to work in some flower nectar and a small handful of charcoal dust, and test everything again.

| Carbon (the charcoal dust is basically pure carbon) has a large number of neutrons. Electrons can be channeled with neutron 'pipes' making your lightning magic possible. Magic swords and items likely break easily when out of charge because of varying amounts of neutrons destabilizing the material's structure
If you can zoom into stuff far enough to see water's 3-5 parts, and there's more than 3 parts, then it's those slightly bigger parts in the center that allow magic to happen!

| Regarding the flower nectar, don't add it to the piece of iron initially. After you've made measurements for the charged/uncharged lump of pure iron, and added a little bit more charcoal to it, have the blacksmith use the flower nectar to turn it into a blade, and have them temper the blade 6 times
The result should be an extremely strong blade with a sharpness that can cut the wind!
If magic is neutrinos, you can also use that blade as a magical weapon without fear of it breaking!

| You might be able to imbue this blade with opposing magic as well. Opposing magic, when activated, would likely polarize the blade
This opposing magic could make the blade sharper and stronger over time, depending on how it interacts within the metal. Iron is an abundant resource in this and other worlds, so you can always try again!
Oh yeah one more thing. Go for materials without any history of magic with them. Your magic neutrons might have a memory. That would be problematic.

| That means lighting the fire that produces the charcoal without ANY magic. The same goes for the iron and flower nectar. You might be able to procure these materials if you had a backer... Say, an eccentric and exiled wizard scholar ;)
You should cross paths with her in a few days, if my calculations are correct.

| >>7cddc4
How far we can zoom in is definitely interesting. We will try that once we get back to castle. We are currently adventuring.
And the fundamental laws of physics of this world are directly tied to magic in ways that, yes are similar to your world, but then they fill in some gaps with our magic.
We do need to conduct more experiments to see the two worlds different interactions and what kind of benefits we could find.
But... all experiments need to be approved by Alice

| >>7cddc4
I know the phone has a strange magic field surrounding it. I can feel it, and it might be the reason the two world are connected thru this app. But that's as far as we could investigate.

Also, what... did you mean in the last message? What wizzard?
As soon as Alice sees this, you know she's going to flip on you right? =0

> M.I.M.I

| Kazuru here!
So, our adventuring has gone well so far. This cave system connected to some ancient ruins that we are now investigating, but even Chomusuke who knows many ancient languages can't read them.
We fought a few critters (and a giant goblin looking monster) but nothing exiting really. Mado cuts everything in sight faster than you can spot it. Chomusuke keeps "accidentally" freezing everything before I can have a go.

| And Romani just has to hit the ground with her warhammer to cause a quake that eats anything in front of her.
... they are VERY overpowered!

Anyways, we'll return with some goodies and once we have more insight on this, I'll update!

Oh, but you'll probably hear from Alice first.
... she's gonna be mad... oh well...

> Kazuru

| Alice plz dont kill our hero

| What does the town look like? What does the castle look like? Is it some military outpost, or a trading city? What does the landscape look like around? What are the relations between the "demons" and humans? How did those ogres even manage to sneak into castle and kidnap person on his way to some busines? I would be concerned if that was a huge security breach in whole city. What is even population of countries around? Have you tried figuring out history and the reason you were s*?

| >>822215
So she didn't kill him... buy he is away on training without connection to this app... or me... for a while.
Alice didn't really liked our plan much... but she was thankful for our findings!

Anyways, I got work to do... Alice is also mad at me and got me a "job" or something.
Detaila later!

> M.I.M.I

| >>823631
To put it shortly, this town is somewhat similar to your average fantasy anime.
Circle town surrounded by a wall with a river cutting thru one side of the city. The castle in the middle with an old European-ish style.
The town is pretty carefree actually. With mix races inhabiting the general population... hence why orcs manage to kidnap dumb Kazu.
The history... uhhhh... too long to tell. Maybe one day I'll tell you about it. =P

> M.I.M.I

| Does the phone still work?

| Phone broke actually.
This is now M.I.M.I for the most part.
In an attempt from Alice to find what's connecting our worlds, the phone ended up frying itself. It's not something that cannot be fixed, but finding the parts to fix it has been a bit hard on this era.

They ask for my help... but I'm not about to fix Alice's issues! Nah, screw her!

Anyways, Zuruka is being dumb about him not having a phone, but he'll live.

> M.I.M.I

| Oh no, that sucks, hope yall can figure something out

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