Mushoku Tensei's protagonist is really unlikable

| Dude gets bullied in high school (pretty terribly, to be fair), then refuses to leave home for twenty years. Gets kicked out after choosing to stay home and masturbate instead of attending an important funeral. He dies saving a couple girls from an accident, gets reincarnated as a baby in a fantasy world, and proceeds to... Be a complete and total pervert to anyone without a penis. Dude tries to be virtuous, but in the end is still a 40+ year old virgin with a misogynist streak.

| Based.

| >>806579 to be fair, he is very much aware of it, he is trying to improve, he DOES improve, although its slow and he hates the person he has become and wants to improve.

And thats sorta the point, its not like the story doesnt punish his behaviour and attitudes, he gets called out for it and even gets in a fight with someone very important to him in season 2 because of his neet tendencies and lack of care (tho he is not the only one in the wrong on that fight).

| Based.

| I don't think flirting with children as a mentally-40-year-old is ever acceptable, or redeemable

| >>807220 anime didnt make it obvious but being a child in a new body did cause some mental regression and even changes in his overall tates, also rudeus never really had the mentality or experience of a 40 yr old in his life and was basically stuck as traumatized teen.

He never really grew up and all he has is some extra knowledge and overall earth wisdom.

| He's obviously very flawed, and this is a redemption story of sorts. Does it take a while? Yes (as it would). And like >>807220 said, whether someone like Rudeus can even properly redeem himself to begin with is pretty subjective to begin with. People aren't really just black and white and I personally find it interesting to see characters whose morality is very questionable - Like Paul, for example.

| Used to be a sex deviant and cheated on his wife and raped maid, impregnating her but has been slaving away for over a year now to rescue every single victim of the mana disaster (which has taken quite the toll on him mentally). Is he a good or a bad person? Has he redeemed himself? Watching a show with a very flawed protagonist and other flawed characters definitely isn't for everyone though. You don't need to be a "snowflake" not to enjoy a show whose protag is basically a pedo

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