Just finished Utena

| How bad of a person I am if I relate to Akio?

How would you even go about stopping being like him?

| I think it's I've of those animes you watch because you're interested in the genre but I don't think it has aged too well.
It's funny though

| I liked utena. Been so long I can't remember much. Should probably watch again.

| I only watched the movie and liked it despite not understanding a single thing. It's beautifully made though and the ending reminds me of that Philip K. Dick book.

Everyone says the movie sucks in comparison to the series so I might be missing out.

| the show its really good in my opinion.
And yes Akio its an asshole but if you really want to NOT be like him i think that being wary is a good start. Also trying to not have any second intentions with conversations or interactions aka be genuine and honest with your relationships

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