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| I saw a thread about weird titles and nobody there suggested Kaiba (2008).
I don't know if everyone knows about this one or if it's obscure but you g/u/rls made me remember the feels so I want to recommend it. The artstyle might turn some off at first but you never know what to expect from each episode. Also story is a bit more approachable than something from Lain or Texnolyze.
Anyone else can share impressions?

| Strange you should mention Kaiba, it just popped up in my news feed a couple hours ago. It slipped by me originally, going to watch it when I have time

| I'm a huge fan of Masaaki Yuasas works, especially Mind Game, and he also directed the best episode of Space Dandy.

Kaibas third act isn't as memorable as the rest of the show though, right? In fact I can't seem to remember anything from it except for a single frame, which is weird because I can recall the earlier episodes in vivid detail. Maybe that means some aristocrat bought up all my memories or something...

| Earth Maiden Arjuna even though it was about the environment it got pretty weird at some points and had one character Cindy Klein I think talked about how she could feel her mom screwing some guy when she was in the womb and she liked it. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong with Japan.

| >>803473
I didn't know about the Space Dandy connection. I want to guess the flower planet ep. or the little-girl-on-a-magic-asteroid-with-wires ep. but honestly there were several weird ones. As for third act of Kaiba, same for me, because IIRC it changed from each episodes being kinda separate stories, all the main plot resolutions started getting unpacked and everything had to pick up the pace to fit into 12 episodes.

| >>804042 He's listed for all lead roles in Season 2 Ep. 16 "Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby".
I don't remember it, like at all, but one episode from Dandy really stuck inside of me.

It's "A World with No Sadness, Baby".
Damn, that episode was so vivid and mesmerising, nostalgic and lonely at the same time. IT REALLY stands out from all other episodes: almost no jokes, only emotional expression. I set myself a goal to play the ballad from the episode one day.

| >>804489
>Season 2 Ep. 16 "Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby"

That's the one. It's the episode with the talking fish. Just surreal comedy all the way trough.

Did anyone of you ever watch the Genius Party DVDs? There are some real gems in there, and if you like them you could also check out Noiseman and Cencoroll 1 & 2. It's hard to believe the latter is made by one guy considering how good it looks.

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