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as a cartoon artist

| WHAT do i do to make enough to profit this week/month
(and pay my thousand dollar loan) and make enough of living costs

it seems like whatever fan art or whatever vid i do(speaking from experience) will not succeed despite putting on so much effort and polish in them(yes they need improvment but they arent stickman)

| Really don't get why you keep asking these questions here. We don't have the answers you want.

| $50000 worth of cartoon per month.

| >>800588 Dude, just rob a bank

| >>800589 That's a lump sum, sis. It's not "per month" at all!

| >>800590 It is if you do it every month :3

| imagine looking for career advice on dangeru

| Op you really need to work on your pacing for this saga. You're spending to long on the build up phase, your next thread should ramp up the action.

| Remember estimated fellowth G/u/rls, that I, The Judge G/u/rl, haveth forbiden this lost galeth from any meaningful responseth.
Pleaseth do not engageth with OPth. It is my commandeth.

| >>800596 Judge g/u/rl, may we request to mock, ridicule, derail, and troll?

| I swear, I'm just going to take over this sage myself at this rate.
I've started enjoying the $50000 meme - it's just the right kind of stupid and absurd - but OP is just not doing a good job of rolling it into something adventurous!

| >>800597 Well, I alloweth it. Thou may mock OPth.

| >>800595 very hard to do when the readers here are illiterate monkeys. where are the smart ones

| >>41a4df Maybe get a backstory in there, a source of conflict? Some subtle hints as to the motivation behind the heinous crimes they'll inevitably commit after being tainted by the g/u/rls?

| >>800615

They're not responding to you, dumbass.

| And since you're also incapable of reading, let me make this clear- I see this thread, it gets auto nuked, you get autobanned. Go to reddit or 4chan or something.

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This thread is permanently archived