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Shows like Aria?

| Just watched the new OVA's for Aria, and was reminded just how special this show is to me. The peaceful, quiet moments it delivers are (in my mind) genuinely therapeutic, as is the soundtrack.

I've already seen the author's more recent series, Amanchu, and I'm a massive fan of the distantly related Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
Are there other shows you g/u/rls have seen that are closer to these shows than just falling into the same genre?

| - Hakumei to Mikochi might be the most similar I can think of. I wasn't that into it personally, though.
- Mushishi is slightly darker and less character focused, but has the same peaceful, ethereal air to it. I'd highly recommend it.
- Girls' Last Tour is even darker still, but really excellent. The ending will probably make you cry (especially the ending of the manga, which continues for two volumes after the anime).

| fuck

| Full Collor Sketchbook is close enough, I think. It has a lot more jokes though.

| Aria 2

| >>800419
Mushishi is a masterpiece of its' own.

| >>801206
If only the second season wasn't so crudely drawn

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