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Anybody else hate Vtubers?

| like I feel like they instantly just became synonymous with the anime community but I fucking despise them. maybe im just getting old but shit like that is unbelievably obnoxious and repulsive to me, and the fanbase even more so. it's not surprising i guess with how much new anime feels in the same vein. I miss Eureka 7.

| Vtubers are just the new ponies, they'll grow less obnoxious by next year and five years from now they'll just be sitting in their discords with zero occupation of your headspace
And before them came the furries and the weebs themselves

| agreed.its painful

| Why do you hate vtubers and their community? :C
We are just chillin' :(
I love the interactions and their talent, and there are really funny situations and clips :'D

| >>791815 are you doing this in purpose?

| >>791815 i got into anime out of an interest in animation. while the current popular opinion of what is "good" is already horribly misguided in terms of any accurate assessment of quality of form, shit like Vtubers are just liquid cultural cancer. they have no talent and are just streamers (which are already obnoxious and pointless entities. make a fucking YouTube video or fuck off) who are now using anime-esque avatars to bandwagon on the culture and further denigrate the image.

| social media algorithms lump them together with anything anime related which means i cant fucking escape them, and as a result the fanbases largely overlap. its disgusting. who the fuck cares about some obnoxious Midwestern reddit thot cosplaying as a virtual shark? not me. and the fucking omnipresence of the shit means i went from not caring to fucking loathing real fast.

| From what I understood, vtubers are mostly people having fun impersonating a character. And frankly, I have probably seen as many people talk about vtubers, as people crying about them being omnipresent, so I'm pretty sure the only reason they are widely known is because of haters. Let people do what they want as long as it's not harmful, and stop focusing on things you don't like.

| >>791823 Yeah exactly! Tell them g/u/rl!

| >>791816 what do you mean? :c

| >>791823 listen here u dumb bitch if i could screenshot my insta feed i would because despite never once interacting with vtuber content and saying not interested to literally everything i see more than once, its still 60% vtubers by volume. i have no problem ignoring shit i don't like, its literally blotting out and ruining what i do like. there's hardly anywhere left for me to enjoy anime shit without them.

| like a got-damned invasion species i just can't seem to poison and burn off, so i have to watch helplessly as it chokes out everything else in my garden. a bonafide menace

| the very definition of harmful. (obviously not literally like a tiktok challenge but in the sense of being completely fucking ballistically inescapably obnoxious then yes)

| also just a disclaimer my complaint is serious but my tone is not. it sucks to see something aggressively and malignantly ruin something you love but what can i do but make light of it?

| >>a923cd hmm strange... It seems like your feed algorithm it's not working as intended, so that's bad.
but you can't blame the vtubers/vtubers community for that, I've known people that like anime and don't like vtubers, but they don't have any problems with their algorithm

| i can and do

| >>a923cd yeah sounds like a you problem.

I don't hate vtuber but I stopped seeing the appeal a few months back. But it's not exclusively vtubers. Just following streamers feel awful for me. They stream every goddamn day and if you don't sacrifice your life to sit down and stare at some guy having more fun at you the community might as well consider you to not exist. Actually you know what maybe I hate them lol. It's like a cult but instead of salvation you get forced memes.

| I get off on girl's despair, And Vtuber is a great source for that. Thank you have a nice day.

| >>791862 right? nauseating

| >>791836 Oh, I get it. You didn't understand that using shit platforms would get you shit content.
It's like using facebook and wondering why you see boomer crap all the time.

| >>791822
I use Twitter a bunch and catch up with stuff I missed before bed. Despite following a bunch of anime accounts and even Japanese artists, hell even a VTuber friend of mine, only about 5% of what I see is related to VTubers. There's either something you're not admitting to make your algorithms that way, or like the other g/u/rl said, stop using shitty social media. All of them are shit, but things owned by Facebook are particularly garbage

| That VTuber friend of mine made enough money to finally pay of a student loan, they've been having a lot of fun streaming, and they're just doing so well so I'm happy for them.
It's whatever dude, it makes people happy. I don't really watch VTubers myself so I'm not a fan of them either but there's too much hate in this world already so I don't hate many things at all

| >>791900 I like your point of view

| Ultimately vtubers are just a way for girls to stream with less harassment and less focus on them by seperating the streamer from the character. Some do perform for the role more, and often in ways I don't like, but some don't any more than any other streamer. We can say Hololive and stuff are ways to more directly control the relatively dispersed field of streaming, but that's just modern capitalism, it's not like streaming wasn't subtly dominated by platform companies anyway.

| Ultimately I don't think there's any reason to hate them besides them being new and popular

| >>791950 >>791951
Absolutely true and based.

| Honestly vtubers are just new generation of stream thots focusing on weeb simps and guided by corporation to earn money in first place.Most of them (especially if theyre from hololive) can only yell and act retardly for "funny" clips
This doesnt apply to independent/small group vtubers, at least because they dont get PR out of nowhere.Therere some people who are inspired by popularity of vtubers and think they will be successful streamers of they replace their face with anime rig

| I don't care if streamer shows their real face, anime girl or nothing at all. I'll follow them if they're actually entertaining to watch (and you need some skills to be a streamer like that). But these top vtubers (e.g. Gura Amelia and many others) are just fucking cancer man.

| >>791991 Excuse me but I have to stop you right there. Amelia??!! She is the most entertaining, creative and honest vtuber!
Have you really seen her?!
You're just jealous and u are unbased.

| >>791900 hey good for them

| >>791991
Eh, Gura is fine. And also a beast at rhythm games, that's pretty entertaining. Really good at singing, too.
Never really watched Calli, but her music stuff is still amazing, even if I preferred her old persona, and I'm glad this vtubing gig is giving her more opportunities for some higher-budget projects.
Ina is very chill in her drawing streams, and some games too, I really like her art as well.
I haven't really watched anyone else, but vtubers are not all that bad.

| >>791993 ayyy lmao got vtuber simp trigerred xdddd

| >>792019 I've migrated to Nijisanji's newly formed EN branch, but with Hololive I pretty much only tuned to Kiara's Holotalk, and Calli's superchat tangents, the latter especially because, being the unsociable loser that I am, I enjoyed her going on about her life experiences when answering her audience's questions, which sometimes helps to ease my own anxieties. During these segments she feels less like an e-celeb and more like a radio host, but without the overly-excited persona.

| damn all of that's is crazy but i do not care. this is the "hate vtubers" thread not the "defend my hatred for vtubers thread" and definitely not the "justify the existence of vtubers thread" less simpy more bloodlusty

| treating people who play videogames with an average level of skill like celebrities is a hobby for troglodytes. good on them for making money off the saps i guess but miss me with that shit. its even worse if when a large part of it is just simpage for anime characters.

| Vtubers are great

| Vtubers are shit

| >>792097 >>792111
Duality of a man

| I do not like vtubers. Simply because it's just streamers, except this time anime. I just don't find any appeal in tricking myself that "OMG this is real anime girl streamer!!!!". I guess im just too down to earth for this kind of stuff. I do understand why people like it though.

| I mean that i can't fool myself and stop thinking that "this is a real person trying to mimic a character"

| Vtuber are just streamers that, because they have an animated avatar, their personalities can shine more even if it's just an act.

... so I don't see what's not to like honestly.

| >>792190
And do you really have to do that to enjoy their content..? No, no you do not.
And they're not trying to "mimic" any character anyway, it's all pretty much just bullshit lore and maybe a character trait or two, both for entertainment and to hide their real identities to avoid harassment and whatever.

| >>792190 I wonder how you handle watching a movie then.

| >>861731 this guy gets it

| >>792267
Dude probably only enjoys historically accurate documentaries or stuff like that

| >>792338 They're still actors. I'd guess only TV shows or animal documentaries.

| >>792284
Nice g/u/rl let's have a Sugar Rush sometime

| I wanna say that at least vtubers sell their voice and characters instead of body + false hope like twitch thot. But hey, with competition and market saturation, I can see them being edgier and pushing the bundaries.

Also I don't think ttying to avoid harrassment is a reason to be vtuber anymore. If anything, after the hololive taiwan thingy, you don't think those chinese snowflakes are not keeping their eyes peeled at other vtuber companies for stuff to cancel them?

| And nobody are going to mention how you can get easy views by exposing vtuber past characters/drama?

At some point, it will be the opposite. You'll get scrutinized/harassed more if you are a vtuber.

| Vtubers are obnoxious, and their fanbase even more so
I remember Kizuna AI back in the day, and the novelty wore off fast
Even worse, watching a clip of them is like Jordan Peterson levels of algorithm hikacking, do it once, and YT will recommend you their stuff non stop for weeks to come
I don't get how their simps don't get that they're just e-thots behind an anime avatar

| >>7baef7 he got the point

| > I don't get how their simps don't get that they're just e-thots behind an anime avatar

you can't twerk and make duck faces behind an anime avatar. also the anonymity pleases 4chan. just look at how much pleasure they get from trying to dox them.

| E-begging is repulsive no matter what. They will fall to obscurity,
>>791784 makes a good point

| >>792611 god i hope you're right

| >>792611 God forbid anybody make a living from entertainment

| What zero pussy does to a mfer: the thread

| So many parasocial relationships, it's just...sad

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