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Rom/Coms where the characters actually fuck

| I like a good romcom, but I'm a bit tired of the whole "Aww, they kissed, The End" shtick. I want ones where they kiss, and sleep together, and fuck, even if it's just implied. I can honestly only think of one off the top of my head (that isn't porn), and that's Clannad. Any others that are at least somewhat worthwhile?

| When I first read Bonnouji I wasn't even expecting any romance or sex to take place and when it does it's pretty realistic and tasteful. I recommend it if you're into rom coms with a slice of life angle.

There's a manga called Sweat and Soap or something that started out as a romcom that basically turned into a porn doujin midway trough. It's not very good imo but people seem to like it.

| ef: A Tale of Memories, has a scene or two.

| >>788297 Mmm.. nevermind that, I guess there wasn't that much comedy in ef: A Tale of Memories.

| School day

| most yuri stuff is usually like that

| Kare Kano eventually

| It's not even about the sex itself, per say. It's that satisfaction of seeing a relationship develop past the earliest stages, but with the constant comedy touch to lighten the inevitable drama.

| Watching months or years of a ship beating around the bush is cute, but I want to see what happens further down the line as well.

| Extremely straightforward boyfriend x girlfriend. I wholly recommend this. 10/10 comedy.

| Read Bloom into you. Haven't watched the anime yet and idk of they finished it, but I can vouch for the manga 10/10

| White Album 2. Animated. not much of a comedy though

| Horimiya

| >>789239 The sex there is very subtle though. You might miss it if you were paging through quickly.

| i feel this. its not even about the sex scenes its just i hate the way they beat around the bush and never fucking have a relatable relationship, or wait until the very end. Lovely Complex is close, but its still a lot of back and forth. there are animes with real love stories like eureka 7 or that other thing I dare not mention, but these are rare and note remotely rom-coms. maybe im just getting old but i want to see the actual relationship not an entire season of foreplay.

| god fucking gate and tsugumomo were the worst about this. at least in the gender bender episode kiriha pounded that pussy's pussy like god intended but its more like doujin material cause they WONT ACTUALLY FUCKING DATE

| >>788294

Good stuff! Reminds me of me and my latest GF(she was 8 years older than me).

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