What's up with the fumos hype

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| They're just cute and kinda funny looking.

| Yeah folks like them a lot, I don't get it that much, on twitter they kinda have a cult about it.

| They're the most expensive plushies out there. Kinda like supreme clothes but in plush form.

| Forced meme

| Honestly I normally didn't care about merch like anime figures very much but fumos just look like a fren. It's just way better as a plush

Wanna keep a cirno one on my fridge and a patchy one on the bookshelf

| Funko pops for weebs.
Of course there's hype.

| Fumo!

| They look kind of funny. They were better when people didn't even know the word "fumo" and they were just humorously simplistic plushies that people took photos and videos of in unusual situations. Now they're this fucking totally fabricated controversy about who knows what, I don't even know what the fans are so obsessed over or what the haters are so mad over. It's so much fucking nothing to even care about that it baffles me.

| It's the ultimate result, I suppose, of the internet being most heavily populated at any given time by morons with nothing better to do, due to the simple nature of having the most free time to waste on the internet. Children and manchildren, the perpetuators of forced memes and consumer tribalism.

| Funky.

| >>787866 ok pal chill up a bit

| >>787866 well put

| >>787866
We truly do live in a society

| >>787866
Mature grown-up post

| Fumo <3

| I want to be the little fumo.

| I want to be the reimu fumo.

| I want to be the clownpiece fumo.

| I want to be the clown.

| >>787991 You're not a clown, you're the entire circus.

| We never took the clowns serious when they invaded the moon. It was just one ship. How many clowns could there be?

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Feel free to come up with an actual argument or answer to the OP.

| >>788060
We live in a society.

| >>788060 idk what to say to that g/u/rl, imagine thinking people having free time is bad

| >>788111 We live in a society that has transcended the need for free time. The government should pay us for performing leisure.

| >>788112 based af

| I like fumos but I don't play touhou so my Jill and Dana plushes are as far as my fumo enjoyment will ever go.

| >>787999 *honk* *honk*

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