Do you think that fanservice/Erotic things ruins some animes?

| I think that yes to an extent maybe

| HELL TO THE YES. I avoid fanservice and ero animes/mangas actively due to this. Not to mention, most of the ecchi mangas/animes are total garbage with terrible writing.

| >>787643 +1

| Yeah bad writing the only up side is brain off content

| I forgot the comma

| One of the first anime I ever watched was an obscure little SOL called Kokoro Toshokan. It's nothing mindblowing, but it is special to me and I revisit it from time to time.

It's got some very nicely done emotional moments, but it's undermined a fair bit by a number of kinda creepy incest fanservice scenes that feel completely jarring and unnecessary. I really wish they weren't there.

| I love sex.

| Not really. Bad writing ruins anime and fanservice can be used to earn praise from at least SOME people regardless, so they can be seen as connected. But to claim that one causes the other is ignorance.

And to claim that fanservice is itself a negative quality is just being a bit puritanical, don't you think?

| >>787672 If it serves no purpose other than telling the consumers they are stupid animals, it's not about being puritanical but just not liking being insulted.

| Emphasis on *some* anime. I feel like it really depends on what you signed up for. Fanservice is gonna bug me a lot more in a serious action drama than a comedy harem anime. Sth sth immersion and tension and stuff

| >>787719 yes! I agree with you just said

| like highschool of dead?


| >>0c0783 Agreed. Shows like: DxD, Testament of Sister New Devil, Peter Grill you kinda know what your signing up for. Nothing wrong with them, but there’s obviously going to be some gratuitous nudity just judging from the cover. One show I’m watching right now and enjoying is GTO. It can be serious (at times) but sometimes the fan service can be sort of jarring considering his students are around 15. Love the show, but sometimes the stuff he does makes me go “bruh”.

| >>787886 GTO is a 10/10 animu

| OP here again, I wanted to tell you g/u/rls what anime I had in mind when I asked this question.

That anime is called "Absolute Duo", one of the first animes I've watched when I was a teenager.
I really love the story, the setting, the "magic" about the use of your soul being represented in a weapon/tool that you can see and feel.

Buuuuuuut, clearly the show has A LOT of fan service and ero stuff.
It doesn't ruin the whole anime, but is a huge disappointment to its potential.

| >>787719 this, when I want to enjoy softcore porn, I go watch ecchi anime. The plot is of course trash, but Im not there for it.

The problem is when a serious anime suddenly get a madatory beach/pool episode that doesn't progres the plot just because it's the norm to have a beach episode/ the animators need a break.

Another example is show like Occultic nine, which is a mystery show, but every now and then, the gurl with comically gigantic bewbs just swing it around the screen.

| >>787714
And most fanservice isn't that. Unless you're being insanely reductionist. It's not calling someone some kind of animal to say "hey, you like boobs? here's some boobs". It's okay to like things that are dumb but enjoyable.

| Not anime, but visual novel. In Majikoi, I was looking forward to playing a real Kokoro route, but her route ended up having no real story and just a lot of sex and honestly I skip sex scenes in visual novels. The writing in Majikoi is just fun and funny, I wanted more of that like Yukie's route. Actual substance

The fact that I can skip the sex scenes in all these VNs and the story is totally unaffected speaks to how useless they are. If I want porn I'll just watch porn.

| So fanservice here kinda ruined the potential for more interesting routes.

| >>787910 Boobs are basically always used like a little "dumb candy".
"You like boobs? Have some boobs. Now be a good dog and start believing that the show is good".
If you enjoy being disrespected, good for you I guess, but it's still disrespect.

| >>787928 You're taking this way too seriously lmao. Most of us can enjoy dumb fun without immediately feeling our self worth go up in flame

| >>787931 Most of you are so used to being treated as monkeys that you don't mind anymore, rather.

| >>787928
> Now be a good dog and start believing that the show is good
This is the part that doesn't happen with all fanservice. As I said, there are plenty of shows that hold a viewerbase solely through fanservice, but within this very thread you have plenty of people talking about shows that were perfectly likeable and serious and also got a beach episode. Are you going to tell me that Gurren Lagann relied on fanservice to be liked?

| Imo its fine if its in small amounts/moderation, but if used too often it just ruins the anime

Its also why most anime nowadays is pretty bad

| No

| >some animes
Yes. But it always depends on what kind of anime. If it's a shonen... then nah. It's meant for teenagers anyways, and they are sure to enjoy those glimpses of whatever the anime shows.
But if we're talking about an independent anime, or a seinin or something more mature, then yeah, shameless fanservice would be unnecessary and annoying.

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