Best worst anime thread

| You know them well. Animes full with cliches or plotholes that is only watchable because of how bad they get.

I recently discovered one called The Lost Village and the 5/10 that it has is criminally high, but that just makes it even better.

What are some that you know?

| Haibane Renmei. I refuse to elaborate.

| >>786767 i guess... I will have to check myself then...
Wish me luck

| Inferno Cop

| >>786787
I only watched the underwater episode and that was so incredibly funny it's easily a 9/10 on the comedic scale. All the plot holes are intentional and used as a delivery for jokes so it doesn't count imo.

| >>786787 Excuse me, this is Best "Worst" Anime, not Best Anime Ever Made

| >>786787

| Best anime is Jojo, Worst anime is Chrome Shelled Regios

| >>786759 mayoiga/lost village is by the book, a B horror movie. But the script is so incompetent to the point that it is best watched if you think it as a comedy anime.

I was watching it while it is airing and every week, reading the reddit thread about it is an absolute blast.

A close second for me will be Big Order.

| trigun. remember watching it when it first came out and thought it was pretty dull anad boring

| >>787274
I am sorry. I'm going to need you to publicity apologize. Go to your room, and re-watch the master piece that is Trigun.

........ is among my favorites. Sorry not sorry

| >>786767
You have bad taste

| >>787365
Haibane Renmei doesn't resonate with everyone I guess, but I've yet to hear anyone actively call it bad.

| Every popular Shonen manga ever.

DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan etc. etc. etc.

Too many to name them. Mediocre writing, shitty characters, predictable af, zero substance and oh my lord the most annoying MCs ever.

| Cat planet cuties is a big guilty pleasure of mine. Watched that shit when I was WAY TO YOUNG. And I go back and revisit it every so often I know its trash but i love it and the op lowkey slaps

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