What's your dream anime blunt rotation?

| Mine is Haruhi, Spike Spiegel, Lain, Goku, Luffy, Homura, and the pink haired girl from flcl. Thoughts?

| haruko harahura?

| That's honestly a really good one.

| What is an anime blunt rotation? I have no idea

| >>786282 it's something I came up with for this thread. Basically you pick some anime characters you'd share a blunt with.

| >>786283 ohh now I can understand the idea better.
Blunts are cigars right? If that's so, then my choices would be:
Saitama from OPM, Lain too, Kirishima from MHA... And Ozen from Made in Abyss.

| can i get uhhhhhhhhhh. space dandy, kiriha from tsugumomo, Eureka from Eureka 7, rei ayanami, and uhhhhhhhhh bondrewd from made in abyss. oh and also Ezdeath but she isn't there to smoke i just sit jn her lap.

| Can I just have Beatrice from Re:Zero use me like a chair, she can keep the epic smonk leaf for herself in the meantime.

| >>786301 oh that would be beautiful

| >>786284 weed

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