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Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea sure does have some disgusting scenes

| It is like a bad trip of a drunken sailor sometimes. The movie is alright, I guess, but certain moments annoy the fuck out of me and almost make me (wish for a nuclear winter) vomit.

| It also doesn't help that I have globophobia, and the movie is full of bubbles and other shit. For the long time (about 10 years) it was the only Miyazaki's movie I watched less than 2 times, and now I see it was for a good reason. Not trying to state that it's bad or smth, but I really felt uncomfortable during some scenes. It's also the weirdest of Miyazaki's films, and I don't mean it in a good manner.

| I like it. My fav scene is the storm and when she rides the wave so much movement and it looks alive. Also found out that they hand draw everything, no CGI used. So much effort and style which you don't find in seasonal tv anime.

| Seasonal TV unfortunately has a budget.

| >>784646 well I'm glad you like it

| >>784939 what do you mean?

| >>784954 If anime is to become great again, it must be freed from the financial constraints imposed by Japanese capitalism.
There is no price tag you can put on works of culture.

| >>784954 not her, but most seasonal tv anime cut a lot of corner with panning shots, action lines, and CGI. Because they have a strict deadline and limited budget.

If you look at any vehicle, from cars to planes in tv anime, most of them are not drawn.

| >>784962
Yeah, what this g/u/rl said.

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