Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Spoiler Thread

| Haven't actually watched it yet, but felt like this should be up regardless. I'll hop in later.

| I know this is scarcely related to the plot, but I really loved the birds. Like damn.

| I gotta watch it again, but it's pretty clear that "Let Evangelion stay ended." is the big takeaway. I felt it sent the message of 'no more fanservice for the sake of fanservice' more tastefully than 3.0 by giving satisfying conclusions to most characters and delivering on threada that we (at least for me) didn't really expect. I'd seen Eva as a story about characters, so goddamm I guess the real story was the characters we met along the way and Khara drowning in happi/sadness.

| Mari is a groomer

| It was just ok. I wasn't expecting much but it was enjoyable at times. I think my favorite parts were seeing shinji's old friends again, as well as seeing more of gendo's backstory. The mocap eva fight at the end totally took me out of it and may have spiked my opinion of the movie. It might have been some of the worst 3D I've seen in a high profile anime in recent memory. At the end of the day I can't say I hate it because I really love everything Eva but it gives me conniptions.

| really inspiring to me, loved seeing reiQ in the village and I can't believe anno got me to like Mari. the documentary adds to the movie a lot I think

| it was a good addition to the story, i guess, but the movie itself kinda sucked. there was a lot of exposition about stuff gendo did that could have just been removed, and the fights sucked (especially the 3DCG). i think it could be improved by cutting it down to around 1hr45, it would be cool to see something like a fan cut.

| Oof, I really liked it pretty much all the way through these 2,5 hours. 3D is not great, but I thought it would be worse, and the art direction ROCKS. This movie made me a little happier.

| Also the final decision for Shinji's girlfriend is... well, fuck, really? Why the hell did they bring it up like this lol

| >>780079 Best girl gets the prize.

| >>780079 the moral is supposed to be that it doesn't matter if u get blue waifu or orange waifu, you're supposed to end up with someone healthy and good for you. I liked seeing Asuka and Shinji admit they had feelings for each other and then got older and moved on like normal human beings. Seeing rei find happiness chilling with kaworu was also really nice

| >>780080 such a fat bait

| >>780280
Exactly this, though it feels weird that we got our expectations subverted while getting such a humongous amount of fanservice in the movie

| >>783562 this

| 3.0+1.0 kinda brought Eva to Gunbuster territory

| >>783525 its true though :^)

| Why is no one interested in discussing the final rebuild?

| >>784372
I guess the overlap between eva fans and danger/u/ posters is not that big

| Evangelion, without depression of author.

| >>784737 this

| Movie was really good, though I saw it in Japan and didn't understand everything. I feel like it played best to domestic audiences. Came at a good time during the pandemic, like a breath of positivity for once. Really loved the farming scenes with floating trains

| >>785205 did you seriously go to Japan to watch the premiere while not knowing the language?

| >>785205 >>785433 Based.

| >>785454 based on what?

| >>7854963 No clue, I don't speak Japanese

| I liked it :)

| >>785609 based

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